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7th May 2012

Youth website helping young Australians navigate life’s
challenges wins third major award

Communicator Awards Distinction Winner – Health Website


This award joins two other major awards

Last week in New York, NY (April 30, 2012) – a small Australian Not-For-Profit Youth Website, www.tuneinnotout.com, which aims to help young Australian’s navigate life’s challenges were announced as a Distinction Winner in the Health Website category of The 2012 Communicator Awards by the International Academy of the Visual Arts.

The Silver Communicators Distinction trophy joins the websites’ impressive collection over the last year; Webby Awards Official Honoree Award - Youth Website and the Australian and New Zealand Information Website of the year 2011.

“We are only a small not for profit website, but these awards show we are using our resources effectively to meet our goals of delivering information to help young people in an innovative and industry leading way” said Lynsey Goulding, Senior Project Officer. “We are a Youth Health Information website. We have now received awards in the areas of Youth, Health and Information, we couldn’t be happier”

The website is a project of the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation, part of Lions Australia. The website design was developed by the Tasmania business Handbuilt Creative who entered TINO into these awards.

“The website features over 250 videos, across 85 topics from mental health, to relationships, body image and alcohol” said Lynsey “Our aim is to provide information in the form of videos, factsheets, stories, music and blogs to help young people get through those tough times.”

The Communicator Awards, which received thousands of entries, are judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA). Current IAVA membership represents a "Who's Who" of acclaimed media, advertising, and marketing firms including:  Condè Nast, Coach, Disney, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Estee Lauder, HBO, and many others. 


For more information please visit

or call Lynsey Goulding, Senior Project Coordinator on 03 6265 8732

Past Media Releases

New logo invites young people to lighten the load

On Tuesday 13th March 2012, the Australia the youth website www.tuneinnotout.com launched their new logo inviting young people to take a seat and lighten the load whilst searching the award winning website to help them navigate life’s challenges across a range of youth issues including depression, sexual health, body image, alcohol plus more.

“Our old logo has been with us since we started to develop the project in 2007 – since then the website has developed in leaps and bounds” commented Lynsey Goulding, Senior Project Consultant “With the site looking very different now young people were telling us it needed changing.”

The new logo which uses the websites nickname TINO cleverly features two chairs “We have always used furniture and scenes on TINO with spaces for people to sit, so these chair build upon thisstated Lynsey.

The two chairs represent that Tune In Not Out is all about two-way communication – young people may visit www.tuneinnotout.com and choose to listen, read or watch one of the hundreds of videos, factsheets, stories or blogs on the site, with many of these youth developed this allows young people to share stories and experiences. The young person can also choose to communicate back via an online comment section to share their story or by becoming a Youth Content Producer.

Last year the website was named an official honouree in the international Webby Awards youth category and was named Australian and New Zealand information website of the year “We aim to build upon this success and keep improving the website to ensure it help many more young Australian navigate life.”


Media Contacts
Lynsey Goulding
Email: Lynsey@tuneinnotout.com
Tel: 0488 00 88 80

Schoolies to get Alcohol Education via a 3D App

Today, Wednesday 23rd November 2011, Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation (ALDAF) and 3DME launch a new iPhone and iPad App: Alcohol and the Brain just as schoolies events start to prepare around the country. Through 3D visualization the app takes young people on a trip inside the brain to see what effects occur when alcohol is consumed.

The App uses digital story telling to explore the effects alcohol has on the brain as it grows & develops. It examines BAC, or Blood Alcohol Concentration, and how you can estimate what your BAC might be when consuming alcohol.

To test user’s levels of understanding, they can complete a 20-question quiz complete with hint options.

“The video has already been hugely successful via You Tube and DVD sales, but now offering it in this affordable interactive App we hope to reach even more young people through a medium they are comfortable with” said David Daniels, ALDAF Chairman.

The award winning video featured was scripted and produced by 3D animation and digital content providers, 3DME.

“We are delighted to have the app available in time for schoolies, the content is relevant all year and has appeal across a broad age range.Said Sonya Brannelly, 3Dme Co-Founder “But with alcohol and schoolies known as a combination the App offers a unique way to help those celebrating make informed choices around their level of drinking.”

The launch of the App highlights that ALDAF, although established for over 27 years, are working in the most modern and appealing methods to deliver youth health messages. Their youth website www.tuneinnotout.com won 2 major awards this year being listed next to youth sites such as MTV.

“We hope the App will help thousands of young Australians as well as teachers, parents ad health workers.” said David.

The app is available for $1.99 in the app shop http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alcohol-and-your-brain/id480091017?ls=1&mt=8


Press Contacts

David Daniels – ALDAF Chairman 0400 118 666

Sonya Brannelly – 3Dme Co-Founder 0418 193 660

Youth Website Grabs Second Major Award

18th October

Youth Website Grabs Second Major Award

At the awards night

Last night, 17th October Melbourne, youth website www.tuneinnotout.com was awarded Australia’s best information website of the year award at the Australian and New Zealand Internet Award (ANZIA) gala dinner. This award is the second major award for the website this year.

www.tuneinnnotout.com, a project of the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation (ALDAF), is a youth based website providing 24hr TV for life’s challenges for young people on issues from depression, body image, bullying, alcohol and sexual health.

The funky looking site features 100’s of videos across 85 topic areas supported by factsheets, real stories and blogs.

“We syndicate content from young people and leading youth agencies across Australia into one central place, so not only do young people gain information in a range of formats but also signposts to all these great services” commented Lynsey Goulding, Senior Project Consultant.

“To top this success, in our recent annual website survey 92.2% of young people told us they would recommend Tune In Not Out to a friend, to receive that recognition from our target audience is the biggest achievement of all.” said Lynsey

Earlier this year Tune In Not Out achieved recognition on the international field becoming Official Honoree’s in the leading Webby Awards. “To now receive this award on our home ground is a major achievement.” commented Lynsey “We were successful in the Youth Category in the Webby’s and now the information category here, and that is what we are all about - getting information out to young people across Australia!”

ANZIA is a collaboration between auDA and InternetNZ. The awards are an annual event celebrating the achievements of organisations, businesses and individuals that have made significant contributions to the development and use of the Internet in Australia and New Zealand.

This award recognises Tune In Not Out’s excellence as an information website and was selected by a criteria including - the main benefits of the project, how it delivered an effective solution to the issue it was developed to address and how it could assist with the development of the Internet in an international context

The website is an initiative of the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation and the Drug Education Network and was designed and developed, by Handbuilt Creative a Tasmanian-based creative agency.

ALDAF director David Daniels said “This is a huge achievement for a small funded project achieving terrific things for youth across Australia.


Press Contacts

Lynsey Goulding  Senior Project Consultant 0488 00 88 80

Dave Shering Handbuilt Creative 0422 977 779

David Daniels ALDAF, Director 0400 118 666

Tasmanian’s Home Grown Organisations Receive International Recognition

Left to Right; Dave Shering, Lynsey Goulding, David Daniels

Hobart, Tasmania - 19th September 2011 - In a boost to an ailing economic climate, three Tasmanian based organisations have been presented with official recognition of their international achievement at the recent 2011 Webby Awards - the Internet's most respected symbol of success (see attached photo of the certificate presentation).

Together 3 local Tasmanian businesses, Handbuilt Creative, Progressive Content and the Drug Education Network have played an integral role in the development of the national youth website Tune In Not Out to become Australian’s only website to be awarded a Webby Honoree (Youth), shortlisted from over 10,000 entries to rank alongside the main websites of business colossals Disney, Lego and MTV.

www.tuneinnotout.com helps young people navigate life's challenges by providing one of the best online locations for moderated and evidence based information, such as on-demand video and factsheets. Content is grouped together in over 90 health and wellbeing related categories including mental health, safe partying, sex, exams, body image and finding help.

The Tune In Not Out website was created by specialist web design studio, Handbuilt Creative, who developed the site with the intention of capturing the attention of information overloaded 16-25 year olds. The results of their efforts is a website which over 95% of users would recommend to others.

The Drug Education Network, who are due to celebrate their 25th anniversary this week focus on finding innovative methods to provide the community with important and accurate drug education, with TINO being just one initiative.  "This amazing achievement demonstrates that Tasmania's talent can hold it's own on the World stage, even in the diverse and fast paced environment of the Internet." said David Daniels, DEN State Manager.

Progressive Content, manage and source the dynamic and comprehensive content on the site and build the project's online community and social media program to deliver the project to young Australians nationally.

Tune In Not Out is funded by the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation.

High resolution version of the presentation photo available here available here.


Press Contact:

Handbuilt Creative:              Dave Shering       0422 977 779

Drug Education Network:   David Daniels      0400 118 666

Progressive Content:             Lynsey Goulding 0400 00 88 80

Tune In Not Out  http://www.tuneinnotout.com

Drug Education Network: http://www.den.org.au

Progressive Content: http://www.progressivecontent.com.au

Handbuilt Creative: http://www.handbuiltcreative.com

Webby Awards: http://www.webbyawards.com/webbys/current_honorees

Music Providing the Soundtrack to Real Life

15th August 2011

The youth website www.tuneinnotout.com has released a new section to their website which is designed to help young people navigate life’s challenges. The Music for Life section features youth developed music video playlists that match different times and moods in a young persons life.

“Music can play a big part in young peoples life’s. Research suggests that music can stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals (opiates and endorphins), it can help energize our mood and even work through problems and provide an outlet for us to take control of our feelings such as anxiety, anger, even love.” Stated Lynsey Goulding, Senior Project Coordinator.

Tune In Not Out is all about providing young people with information and digital media that can help get them get through life’s challenges wether that is mental health, alcohol and other drugs, relationships or bullying.

“So we took the idea of music being important and beneficial and asked young people to tell us what they listen to and when. Over 300 young people got on line and told us allowing us to launch the new section,” said Lynsey.

The playlists include:

Music for Life provides another way that Tune In Not Out can help a young person. They may come to the site wanting to overcome a certain challenge like stress or a relationship break up, now in addition to the on-demand videos and factsheets they could spend time listening and watching music videos suggested by young people that help them get through difficult times.

Young people can also submit songs and whole playlists for inclusion


Media Contacts
Lynsey Goulding
Email: Lynsey@tuneinnotout.com
Tel: 0488 00 88 80

Australian young people have access to the world’s best

18th April

An innovative Not-For-Profit Australian website tackling youth issues has beaten thousands of entrants to become an Official Honoree in the internets version of the Oscars, the Webby Awards alongside big names such as MTV Networks.

The Webby Awards is the Internet's most respected symbol of success. The 15th Annual Webby Awards received nearly 10,000 entries from 60 countries worldwide.

Tune In Not Out (www.tuneinnotout.com) was the only Australian-based website to become an honoree of the Youth website category and was among just 11 websites honoured including the Disney Channel, Lego and MTV Network.

The honour signifies an outstanding calibre of work.

“We are very proud to feature next to such well known names” Tune In Not Out senior project consultant Lynsey Goulding said.

“We are a not-for-profit website with a small budget, but we are clearly achieving big things in delivering a national website that’s helping young people navigate life’s challenges.”

“The Official Honoree recognises Tune In Not Out’s excellence in content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity and overall experience.”

Covering topics such as including bullying, mental health, sexual health, relationships, partying and education, Tune In Not Out syndicates 100’s of videos created by young people from across Australia and leading youth agencies including Reach Out and headspace, together in one central place for young people to access.

The videos are supported by factsheets, real stories and blogs.

The website is an initiative of the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation and the Drug Education Network and was designed and developed, by Handbuilt Creative a Tasmanian-based creative agency.

Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation director David Daniels said “This is a huge achievement for a small funded project achieving terrific things for youth across Australia,” he said.


Media Contacts to:

Lynsey Goulding        Senior Project Consultant              0488 00 88 80

Dave Shering             Handbuilt Creative                            0422 977 779

David Daniels            ALDAF, Director                                 0400 118 666