Are you interested in using film and video production to engage young people? Many of the videos here on TINO have been made by youth services working with young people to discuss issues and topics. Our guide provides 12 guided sessions, plus resources to help you through.

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video production guide

Our guide will step you through short film making

Over the years TINO has run lots of video production workshops - along the way we have met lots of teachers, youth workers and health professionals who have been keen to use video production with the young people they work with.

We have compiled the knowledge and resources we have gained into a video production guide to help step you through creating videos with young people.

The video production guide includes:

  • Getting started tips
  • 12 sessions - taking you through elements step-by-step. How you delivery these - all in one block, or one each week - is up to you
  • Resources booklet - from storyboard sheets through to copyright free music

The sessions are very activity based and we even link to some great videos to help inspire the creativity.

If you would like a Video Production Guide booklet - please complete the form below and we shall email one through to you.

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Support Videos

We link to many great videos in the video production guide - you can find them all here