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During November we held a competition inviting everyone to share their tips or stories about navigating one of life’s challenges. Below is one of the 4 winning entries.

By: Phoebe

This is a poem I wrote during a time when I was being severely bullied by a particular girl in my grade. Writing my thoughts and feelings down, particularly poetry, helps me deal with emotional struggles. This is a strategy that has helped many people.


The words you say, the words I hear,
So sharp I can’t get near.

Quick thinking, quick tongue.
You think it’s joking, you think it’s fun.

The glares, the taunts, the exclusion.
Want to escape, run from seclusion.

No escape. No hope.
Can’t run. Can’t cope.
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It’s not what you think

Posted on Dec 16 by

During November we held a competition inviting everyone to share their tips or stories about navigating one of life’s challenges. Below is one of the 4 winning entries.

By: Jacob

life isn’t what you think, you need to look around and see yourself through another perspective, only then will you find out what your true purpose is…

Okay, let’s talk about something, the word ‘perfect’. A lot of people think that the word perfect is over used, mostly because of people saying simple things like something that someone likes is ‘perfect’ or saying someone they like is perfect and from the over use of it, so many people now believe that no one is perfect or that there is no such thing as perfection anyway. Well I am going to tell you other wise. Everyone is perfect. Everyone has a different perception of perfection, so some people may not see it, but I do. Everyone is still perfect. Just because one or two people don’t see how amazing you are, doesn’t mean you’re not perfect, because you are. Don’t believe anything else that anyone else says, because; You, Are, Perfect!
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Dealing with Exam Stress

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During November we held a competition inviting everyone to share their tips or stories about navigating one of life’s challenges. Below is one of the 4 winning entries.

By: Jennifer

How an individual can overcome the stress that is thrown upon them leading up to exams such as the HSC…

Having just completed my last exams of my schooling life, I have faced many challenges that have been bought upon me by both the people surrounding me and by myself. I was always one who had high expectations for myself as my siblings had sat their past HSC exams with high ATARs, as a consequence when it came to exams I would have panic attacks.
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My View on Depression

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During November we held a competition inviting everyone to share their tips or stories about navigating one of life’s challenges. Below is one of the 4 winning entries.

By: Wendy

This is my experience with depression and what I want to tell others with depression how to get through it.

Depression is not a small matter as it mentally affects you in many ways. I know this not from a medical point of view but from the experiences I had from going through depression and anxiety. My depression started when I was 12 and I battled it for over 4 years.

I often thought what was the point of living if I feel this way and kept worrying about how to get better. I couldn’t sleep and didn’t eat properly and realised that it was affecting me physically and mentally. I eventually realised that it was not only affecting me but it was affecting the people around me especially my mum. If I didn’t eat she wouldn’t eat if I didn’t sleep she wouldn’t sleep. So I thought I didn’t want this affect others and started to think positive instead of negative. Instead of think when I will get better I thought I will get better for me and my mum.

I think the best way to get through depression is to not force yourself to get better but to slowly get there step by step by making changes in your life like thinking positive and keeping yourself busy. I started drawing when I was getting through depression and that kept my mind off it which was a big help and has even allowed me to develop a skill in art. To all those who have depression or anxiety I just want to say never think of taking your life because things do get better and there are always people to support you including people like me who have gone through depression.




Giving the World to Others

Posted on Dec 15 by

Have you ever sat down and wondered how lucky you are to be alive? How lucky you are to have a family and hopefully for the majority of you, how lucky you are to have your health? Recently I have been thinking about this a lot more than usual and I’m about to tell you why…

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it would be appropriate to sow some giving seeds into the community and encourage you all to do the same. If you have read any of my previous blogs you will be aware that I am currently working In Orlando for the Walt Disney World company. As a part of my time here in America I have been volunteering at the ‘Give The Kids A World Village’ that is close by to Disney World. For those of you who are not aware of this village, let me explain what it is. The village is a special place for children and their families to come and stay when they are participating in programs such as Make A Wish: which is an organisation that grants the wishes of seriously ill children and their families. The village is a place for children and their loved ones to stay who have chosen to come to Disney World as their wish, and it is here that they get to cherish moments and enjoy the most magical place on Earth as a family. It is a place where for the duration of their visit they can try and forget doctors’ visits and medical check-ups and just enjoy the happiness of family time and the magic of Disney.
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Why I hate running.

Posted on Dec 02 by

These feet are made for...nor running

I’m the first to admit that I’m not naturally an athletic person. If there is a ball or any other object flying towards my head, please don’t expect me to catch it – instead, my instinct is to move into a stance that can only be described as an upright foetal position. If I was a superhero, I would be Captain Unco. And I really don’t like running.

The number of times I have tried running is a lot. I can walk, but as soon as the jog button switches on, I switch off. Developing the mental capacity to enjoy running is something I have never managed to do. Yes, I’m aware of the benefits of it being free exercise, out in the sunshine (get your vitamin D levels up people!) and improving your cardiovascular system – but I just don’t enjoy it. For ages I battled with this. Why does everyone else seem to enjoy this process of what for me felt like dying? Over and over I attempted to take up a regime – it always lasted approximately 500 metres. I needed to come up with some sort of strategy…
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To share or not to share

Posted on Nov 26 by

Image credit Duncan C Flickr

Moving out can be a crazy time. It’s not just about physically packing up your gear and transferring it to another (sometimes very far) building, but also about majorly readjusting to your life of independence. Even if you have already lived out of home, moving house can mean adjusting to new suburbs, figuring out how everything works…..and then there is the issue of who to live with.

When I finished year 12, I needed to make some decisions. Regardless of what I was planning on doing, all my options involved moving out of home due to the fact that I’m from a rural area. Once I decided to go to university, the next issue was figuring out where to live. Real estate agents, finding housemates, – so many issues. Each housing type has its advantages and disadvantages – while not all are listed here, this list may just give you a couple of ideas that I found I needed to consider when trying to sort out my accommodation (as compiled from a number of sources over the years):
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House Rules

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Image by Brian Smith at Flickr CC

I am almost positive that at least once throughout your student life you will get to experience living with housemates.

Before moving the States I had been sharing with some friends of mine from high school and things weren’t too bad, yes we had our ups and downs but we made it work. This year however I found myself picked up and prodded into provided housing that included two complete strangers that I would now call my roomies. To be honest, at first the thought kind of worried me, I mean moving into an apartment with two people I don’t even know half way across the world? I don’t know about you but that didn’t sound very warm and inviting to me when I first discovered that the housing here was shared. But after second thought it was comforting to know that they were international students just like me and were probably having the same worries. There was only one thing left to do, and that was to meet them!

So I arrived a couple of months ago, and met the two girls that I would be sharing with. Both the same age as me and both from New Zealand. At first everything seemed to be fine but after a few weeks things started to get a little unorganised. One housemate was more than happy to help out with chores, engage in conversation and was always polite, while the other barely talked, was happy to leave her dishes out and had very little common courtesy when it came to noise levels when the rest of us were trying to sleep. Awkward much? I mean, the last thing you want is to be coming home from a long day at work and have tension in your household. It sucks!
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When the world blows up – before and after

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There are certain events in our lives that often make us feel like there is a before and an after – defining moments, which often get treated as detrimental milestones. A house fire, a family or relationship breakdown, a car accident – moments when the rest of the world seems to cease in existence, and once it begins again, time is considered a breakdown of before and after. “That was before the fire; that was pre-divorce; that was after Dad died”. Moments that feel like they need to redefine everything. For me, everything became pre- and post- house fire. Seven years on, we still have discussions about stuff that was ‘before the fire’ or ‘after the fire’, particularly in the context of someone looking for a particular utensil that we never rebought afterwards – but that’s okay.
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How to Survive a Break Up

Posted on Nov 24 by

In today’s post, our blogger Sara giving some advice from the heart and experience about how to survive a break up.

Image by missteee at Flickr

Unfortunately, most of us will experience an emotional relationship break up in our late teens or early adulthood. The good news is, you will get through it. The bad news is, it won’t happen overnight. After experiencing a couple of these emotionally painful break ups, and watching my friends (male and female) go through the same, I have decided to share with you our mistakes and the things that helped us to move on.

1. Accept that time will be the only true cure.
It’s better to accept that you are going to feel down for some time than it is to fight it and try to create false happiness. The sooner you let yourself grieve for the relationship that you have lost, the sooner you will start to feel better.
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The Gift of You

Posted on Nov 19 by

Something I have learnt lately is that you never really discover who you are until you are completely removed from the comfort of home and placed in an entirely new reality. For the past four months I have been living in the United States and working for one of the most prestigious companies in the world: The Walt Disney Company.

Early last year if you asked me what I planned to do in the next year, never would I have answered being a performer half way around the globe, but yet here I am in Florida surprising myself every single day. Let me tell you now, picking up my entire life and moving it half way around the globe was not an easy thing to do. I left behind my family, friends, my job and my studies, to take a chance one a once in a lifetime opportunity to become part of an entirely new culture. And if any experience has helped me clarify what I want for my future, it has been this adventure.
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