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The Great Kid Debate

Posted on Jul 02 by

Let’s open up the floor to talk about something that is a huge part of most family’s’ everyday lives: kids. Most people may agree that their children are the best thing that has ever happened to them, others may say that it is a struggle having children, but the love they have for them overcomes any challenge having children may produce. Kids are funny, charismatic, gentle, innocent, mischievous, and energetic, and can prove difficult at times, but are the future of our generations to come. Most children are loving and have kind souls as they learn and grow, but some people decide that children are not a prospect that they want to pursue in life. Myself? I am one of those people… but it wasn’t until a couple of days ago when I was judged by a complete stranger that I felt somewhat guilty about this decision.
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The Before Travel Plans

Posted on Jul 02 by

It’s 1:48pm. In 4 hours, I will get on a plane and fly to Melbourne, wait there for a number of hours, jump on another plane for a little over 9 hours, arrive in Hong Kong, then repeat all over again until I’m in Taiwan by this time tomorrow. I’m fortunate in the fact that my degree enables me to travel, but that’s not the only reason people go overseas – family, holiday, to see friends, to explore…. And that’s why I thought I would give you my guide to travelling overseas.

This will be my first overseas adventure solo, but I have been to various countries before this. It does get easier organising each trip, as you begin to develop your own tricks to getting prepared for your adventure. If you aren’t sure, here are a couple of the strategies that I have found help me:
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Questions to ask before giving up

Posted on Jul 01 by

We came across this fantastic list of questions and actions to take if things are feeling really awful and you just feel like giving up, it is so good we thought it deserved a blog post all of it’s own. It has a list of questions that are easy to follow and some fantastic tips and ideas which can help us pause, take a moment and feel stronger to push forward.

You can download your own copy right here – why not print a few copies out and stick one on your bedroom wall, tuck another away in your bag and even hand a few out to friends and help them stay safe too.

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Cats or Dogs

Posted on Jun 22 by

People say they’re a cat or a dog person. When I was a kid I thought this meant they secretly had a cat tail or dog ears hidden beneath clothing. Looking back, that would’ve been pretty cool, but I quickly learnt this wasn’t true.

So, what makes someone a cat person and what makes someone a dog person. I recently asked my friends this and I was and wasn’t surprised by their answers. Cat people like cats because of their independence and keen minds. Dog people like dogs because of their unending loyalty and unconditional love.

This got me thinking; do what type of animal people like reflect what’s deep in their hearts?
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Middle Child Syndrome?

Posted on Jun 11 by

Growing up, I had a little sister and a big sister, which is not really a big deal. When we were younger I found it was great; I had two playmates when I was at home and two friends that liked me regardless of what happened.

Now a young adult, I still have a younger sister and an older sister, but it wasn’t always great.

When everything was innocent and I was still naive I didn’t pay much attention when my older sister was called mature and strong, or when my younger sister was called cute and then beautiful. I was happy for them and I was happy in myself. Then I realised that high school has a great habit of shaking your self-confidence; as years went by and my older sister was complimented again and again for being so sophisticated, and my little sister was complimented again and again for being so beautiful and so thin, I kind of sat behind them and felt like I was being seen less and less.
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Escaping from a possessive and controlling relationship

Posted on May 27 by

When you’re young and inexperienced, a new person in your life can have a major impact on how you develop mentally and physically; whether for the better or worse. I’m still a teenager and I wasn’t expecting such a possessive and controlling relationship to be my first.

In high school, Person A will say to Person B that they like them. If Person B likes Person A as well, or wants to get to know them, then they begin “dating”, and I mean dating in a very loose way. During high school, you have all these pressures and stresses from your workload, exams, what your peers think of you, and what to do with your future, so when someone you care for approaches you and reveals they care for you too, it can feel magical.

This was how I experienced relationships and how I grew with them for the most part.

Fast forward to now; I’ve barely graduated Year 12 and I was not expecting such stress and control forced on my life. For anonymous reasons, I’ll call my ex-boyfriend Paul. I met Paul at a trip to the cinemas with my friends and friends of their friends, and we were smitten to start with. He was tall, handsome and had a voice that made my knees go weak, and he kept complimenting and telling me how pretty and perfect I was.

One single month later, it’s like he had changed over night or gone through a sudden metamorphosis.
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Ouch – Wisdom Teeth

Posted on May 05 by

Does just the thought of a dentist make your mouth swell like a chipmunk?

Wisdom teeth. Just the words make you want to clamp your mouth shut whilst simultaneously chewing on a baby’s teething ring. Some people get them, the lucky few don’t (say what?! You miss out on a such a wonderful experience of having four more teeth that seem to have forgotten that teething is meant to be done by age 8). If you are one of us that got them, you may or may not have to get them out….which I did.
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Dating 101

Posted on Apr 07 by



Becoming your own relationship fairy might be the key

I’ve figured it out! The ultimate dating handbook (on sale now in your closest bookstore for only $19.99!), absolutely guaranteed to get you a date who won’t be able to resist your wit and good looks, but will also see that inner beauty shining out. All you need to do is follow 1 easy step, so here it is!

There is no such thing as an ultimate way to date.

I’m not personally a huge dater. My relationships tend to be more I like him, he doesn’t like me or vice versa …. but that doesn’t stop people trying to get involved. I’m all for having a good wingman, particularly if it is someone who knows what I’m looking for in a guy and knows the guy as well, but over the years people’s advice as well as my interactions with the opposite sex (in my case) has made me realise one thing – there is no single way to date someone, or make them fall in love with you. There’s no exact amount of time you are meant to go before you respond to that text, or a particular order in which one person must call the other person first.
Despite this, there are a couple of things that I’ve learnt are really important in a relationships, no matter how you are going to go about it:
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Modern day youth and their involvement in the community.

Posted on Mar 31 by

Volunteering can take many different forms in 2015

The other day I was sitting down with my local youth group (of which I’m a member of over 5 years) and we were discussing how to recruit new members and we had to seriously think how to encourage the younger people in our town to join because their priorities aren’t the same as ours were back when we were their age, and I realized an almost shocking thing; the majority of youth nowadays seem to be more interested in the superficial things than helping people out. At least in my community, when we approached teenagers at their schools they asked questions as to what was in it with them if they helped out and said they weren’t really interested unless they gained something and this shocked me to be honest. This is not to say that all the youth out there are like this, but we were saddened to see our community like this.
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Doing something new

Posted on Mar 25 by

First times can sometimes make us squirm, but before you know it you could be loving it! Image Credit: D. Garding @Flickr

For something to be new, it is to be novel or unfamiliar (Merriam Webster Dictionary). By definition, doing something new means doing something that you aren’t used to, or something different – and that can be scary. Whether it be your first day in a new class, at the hockey club, or at a new church – you get those nervous jitters, the ‘I’ll just follow the crowd, see what happens’ vibe, keep your head down but eyes darting as you try and take it all in. Everyone else knows the rules regardless of whether they’re the ones written up on the wall or the ones that everyone else seems to know but weren’t in the handbook.
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Hosting an exhange student

Posted on Mar 19 by

Image by Robert Emmerich @ Flickr

Our German exchange student was only 15 (turning 16) when he came and stayed with us. “We will only take him for a couple of weeks while you find a more permanent home,” Mum had told the company. Well, that worked well….when the agency called back a couple of weeks later, Mum renegotiated because she didn’t want to separate with this teenage boy who became part of our family. 11 months later when he finally had to leave for Germany, Mum cried for a day solid. Our German exchange student was part of the family.

Hosting an exchange student can have its challenges. At times, it was stressful for my parents – I only just turned 13 at the time, which meant our exchange student was their first experience of handling a more stereotypical teenager. I’m sure it also placed financial strain on the family at times (if you are looking at hosting, consider the types of payments that can be made by the organisation to cover rent, food etc.). Sometimes expectations didn’t much up – Mum would expect him to do something which he wouldn’t understand, he would do something he deemed ‘normal’ which wasn’t quite as such in our family (one example being that he taught me how to silently climb out the front window of the house, a skill I never needed).
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