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Share this with a friend and let's celebrate our bodies

This week is Body image Image and Eating Disorders Awareness week – something we are very passionate about at TINO.The following information is from the Body Image section of the gov site. You can also check out heaps of factsheets and videos in our very own body image and eating disorders topic pages.

Body image relates to how a person thinks and feels about his or her own body. Body image also refers to the way we see our body and the way we think that others see our body.

There are different aspects of body image;

The way we see our own body (Perceptual)

Our body image is not always an accurate reflection of what our body actually looks like. For example, many people in our society perceive their body to be larger or fatter than it really is. Perceptual body image is the difference between what you perceive your body to look like and what your body actually looks like.

The way we feel about our body’s appearance (Affective)

We all feel a certain way about the way we look and aspects of our appearance. Affective body image refers to the amount of satisfaction or dissatisfaction we feel about our general appearance, our weight or shape and even about specific body parts.

The thoughts and beliefs we have about our own body (Cognitive)

The feelings that we have about our body and its appearance are often associated with certain thoughts or beliefs. When we feel dissatisfied with some aspect of our body it is usually because we believe that it is not the right shape, size or colour. For instance, the many boys in our society who are dissatisfied with their body shape think that they should be larger or thinner.

The things we do because we are dissatisfied with our body (Behavioural)

Often, feelings of dissatisfaction with the body can lead a person to avoid doing certain things that might evoke those concerns. For instance, many people who have body dissatisfaction avoid doing physical exercise with their peers.

This Body Image Awareness and Eating Disorders Awareness Week we want to promote embracing and celebrating our own bodies that they are unique, diverse, strong and beautiful. We have created this poster for you to share with friends through social media, email and more. Let let ourselves know we car, and let others we care about them too and think they are worth celebrating.


Download the Poster and Share with a Friend via email or Social Media

(click link, then go File > Save Page As. Save the file and then share via facebook, twitter or email.







3 Responses to “Body Image Awareness Week”

  1. Xin says:

    Reminds me rather fondly of this picture:

    Great post TINO! An issue not nearly talked about enough.

  2. Amanda - Edit-free Society says:

    Great post lynz, especially like to read about the different aspects of body image. There really isn’t enough attention focus placed on these issues, so it’s great to see something broken down like this. It really gets you thinking. And such a strong poster, will be sure to share!

    Please feel free to check out my recently launched campaign combating Australian advertising’s influence on our perceptions of body image.

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