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Here on TINO we talk about any issue that can arise as we navigate life’s challenges. We also talk about the things which can help you get your get through, things that can make you feel good, for example our music section is brimming with tunes you have told us lift your mood. In today’s post our blogger, Bethwyn provides us with a book review. For many getting lost in a good book is an opportunity for a time out and even escapism. We hope to make this a regular feature so be sure to let us know if the book reviews are something you would like to see back.

Book title/s: Dark Jewels Trilogy

(includes: Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, Queen of the Darkness)

Author: Anne Bishop

Overall rating: 9/10


“Anne Bishop’s critically acclaimed and award-winning Black Jewels Trilogy is the saga of one young woman’s destiny played out against the backdrop of three powerful realms…” (www.annebishop.com)


A word before I begin – these novels deal with some pretty dark stuff. I’m talking  rape, death, murder, torture, and some loss of limbs. Make no mistake – this is dark fantasy.

However, this doesn’t mean that the books aren’t an enjoyable and engaging read (sounds a bit odd, but bear with me). Anne Bishop’s Dark Jewels Trilogy start like  a slap to the face – you are thrown straight into a world where you have to learn the way males and females interact. The rules are so different to what we are used to in modern, Western society that it can be a bit odd to start with.

To begin, females are the ones who rule – and they rule harshly. Extremely harshly. Remember the dark features I mentioned earlier? Yeh – that harshly. The characters are driven by so many different motivations – not all of them unselfish. One thing that many of them seek as a true Queen – ‘the dream turned flesh’.

I truly wanted to find out what was going to happen to Jaenelle, the girl singled out as the prophesied Queen, and I felt that I was sharing each step of her journey with her. The characters that she came to ally herself with each showed amazing construction by Bishop, even to the point of  their expression of their own flaws.

I would recommend these books to people that enjoy reading about magic, particularly dark magic, and for a different point of view on how the world could work. I became addicted to certain characters in this trilogy, and when I wasn’t reading the books I found myself missing the world which Bishop has so beautifully created. At other times, certain characters made me cringe with disgust and hatred, and I couldn’t bear to read about the torturous and vile activities that they used to keep their subjects loyal to them (or even, just for fun) – and yet, I kept reading anyway.

I will not lie and say that these books are a completely easy read – I would find that rather disturbing given some of it’s content – but I did truly enjoy reading them. In fact, after I had finished the trilogy, I moved on to some of Bishop’s stand alone novels that exist within the Dark Jewels universe – and I’m still enjoying the ability to reintroduce myself to the characters. I highly recommend these books to anyone game to give them a go.

About the reviewer

Bethwyn is 22 years old and lives in WA. She is an avid reader – to the point of insanity – and loves writing. She is currently working part-time and hopes to someday use her writing to further her dream career.

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  1. Xin says:

    What a cool direction for TINO! I’d love to see more reviews, not necessarily of books, but of everything.

  2. lynz says:

    Oh what a a good idea Xin, what else could e review games, festivals, music….

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