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For me Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. It is a time that inspires people to be ‘merry’ and joyful towards everybody in the workplace, in their social network and sometimes even to complete strangers. The excitement of Christmas can be seen on children’s faces and even on parent’s faces as they buy gifts to give to their loved ones during the festive season. Decorations fill the streets, the shops and Christmas lights illuminate residential areas, showing participation by the community and local businesses.

Everybody loves ‘the time of giving’ and who isn’t excited when they see presents under a fashionably decorated tree with their name written on the gift tag? The temptation of picking up your gift and having a peek or even a feel of the wrapping to try and guess what is underneath becomes a game and the anticipation of waiting to see the reaction of others when they open gifts from you is also a moment that you look forward to. Christmas is a time for family, friends and for celebration, and let’s not forget the wonderful food that is put on the table at lunch!

Imagine a Christmas without all of this. No family, no friends, no gifts and even no food. It just wouldn’t seem like Christmas would it? It would feel like a lonely day, with no excitement and nothing joyful to look forward to. Just imagine. But the sad thing is, is that the description I just explained IS Christmas for many people around the world, in Australia and even in your community. Every year people experience a cold and lonely Christmas without any warmth, friendship, gifts or joyous memories, while we enjoy a fabulous festive season that should be enjoyed by all.

So this Christmas, how about you make a difference, and make this Christmas,a Christmas to remember for one of those people. After all, this is the season of giving, right?

It isn’t hard to make a difference in the world, to someone the tiniest gift or helpful gesture can mean the world. It can be as easy as donating a few coins to foundations such as the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal, Operation Christmas Child or World Vision, or as easy as placing a small gift under a Kmart wishing tree, or sending a card to someone who is experiencing a difficult time of their life. (you can send e-cards even)

If you don’t have people to share the Christmas season with, but would like too, check out the community Christmas lunches and picnics which run around the country where people get together to share Christmas. These are often run by charities, churches and community groups. They are often attended by heaps of people all joining together to share a Christmas. Check out this Christmas Picnic being held at Federation Square. Also check out this blog from Zoe last year that talks about an alternative Christmas if the traditional one is not on the cards for you.

Anything and anyone can make a difference and what better time to share love and happiness than Christmas? So, if you are lucky enough to be having the Christmas you would choose this year, take a thought for those in need of a little Christmas cheer.  Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all, best wishes for the festive season and for the year of 2012 that awaits us.

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