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Dressing up my mood - can it be done via my wardrobe?


OK,  so this blog comes from me, who no one could describe as a fashion queen, not even a princess, not sure I even get in the castle. I don’t really enjoy shopping, I just wish my wardrobe would re populate itself, you know my favourite top smooches with my second favourite top and ‘BAM!’ a new number is created.

Even though I am no fashion diva, I do know that what I wear can have a big affect on how I feel about me – apparently this is a topic looked into lots by professors etc – the Psychological power of clothing they call it.

This recent UK survey found that 51% of women will reach for their jeans when they are feeling down. Straight away I think “they must mean those old comfy jeans that don’t know the word of flatter, not the ones that ride up me bum all day and show the top of my knickers (eeekk or more – hate the coin slot) if I bend over more that 5 degrees – as they are saved for feeling good days (why can I handle uncomfortable more when feeling happy?).

OK, so professors have agreed that our clothes can affect and influence our mood. Headspace recently asked their Facebook fans what they thought about this, one fan commented “I wear track pants and baggy clothes when I’m depressed. My body can at least be comfortable when my mind isn’t.” I know I nodded away when I read that. If my eyes aren’t a mirror to my soul then often my clothes are.

But considering the affect and influence of clothes on our mood, how can we make our clothes influence our mood in a positive way? I am all for sitting in my paint splattered trackies for a night or two when feeling a bit off, but eventually I know I want to re join the world and often that starts with picking the outfit to wear as I re enter the front line.

So after an extra long shower, all parts shaved I enter the wardrobe and look for an outfit that will hopefully make me stand a bit straighter, feel a bit more confident and surge forward – what that outfit is who knows – but the one I choose that day I know was chosen to make ME feel good – not the bus driver or the barista – but me – let’s face it they don’t know I have matching bra and knickers on and my socks are actually a pair – but I do and I feel good about it.

So what about you how do clothes influence your mood?

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3 Responses to “Dressing up my mood”

  1. Julie says:

    i loved this blog…it is eloquent and straightforward..thank you

  2. david says:

    i like the statement that, our dress affects our mood . thanks

  3. Mark says:

    “My body can at least be comfortable when my mind isn’t.”

    So simple, but so all-encompassing in its meaning. I learnt something about myself today. Thanks very much.

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