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For many of you at school, college and uni you are faced with exams, exams and more exams.

Our exams topic page and managing stress section has information on how to study effectively and how to cope with results but what about preparing for the actual exam? What do you need know? What do you need to organise? What do you need to take? Check out this blog for a quick low down and don’t be like me and get awoken by the school informing you that the exam has started  and having to run up the road in your PJ’s – not a great look or a starting point to take an exam.

Things to consider

Exam Timetable

Get an official, up to date copy of your uni/schools etc exam timetable. You can often find these on the uni website, canteen notice board or the students union. Find your exams and highlight them.

Check the date, time and location for each exam. Take some time to plan how you will get there. If driving where will you park (remember it could be busy and you don’t need to get stressed trying to find a space). Consider whether traveling alone for some quiet or traveling with friends is best for you?

Be on time

Make sure you arrive on time, in fact in plenty of time to allow for an extra toilet stop, traffic etc.

What if you do arrive late? Contact your faculty or school admin office immediately to assess your options. Depending how late you are you may still be allowed entry, however extra time is rarely allowed. So if late don’t turn around and go home, check out your options, all may not be lost.

Know the set- up of the exam

Talk with a teacher, supervisor etc about the set up of the exam, so you know what to expect. For example will there be reading time at the start of the exam, if so for how long.

Although friends who sat the exam last year may be a good source of info, things may also have changed for this years exam, so be sure to get up to date info.

Authorized materials

You will only be permitted to take authorized materials into the exam, no other materials are allowed this includes in your purse, on your body, under your chair etc.  Check before you get there what is and isn’t allowed in your exam. Unauthorized materials can lead to disciplinary action, if unsure ask the supervisor of the exam before you enter.

For some exams student ID is required to presented at the start of exam exam and displayed on your desk for the entire exam – so ensure you add this to your ‘To Take’ list and if you have lost your ID ensure you organise a replacement in plenty of time or find out what options you have.

Behaviour in an exam1

So we all get the idea that an exam is a serious issue. But here is a quick guide to the general rules:

You must not:

  • talk, unless you need to speak to a supervisor
  • disturb other students or disrupt the exam
  • communicate in any way with other students
  • write during reading time, unless the supervisor says you can
  • enter an exam over 30 minutes after writing time has commenced
  • leave during the first 30 or last 15 minutes of writing time
  • leave until your materials have been collected by a supervisor
  • take exam materials from the venue unless the supervisor says you can

You must:

  • sit in the seat listed for you unless a supervisor tells you to sit elsewhere
  • read and follow instructions on exam materials and notices displayed at the exam venue
  • follow all instructions from exam supervisors

Special Considerations

If you are affected by an illness or other cause before an exam or during, contact your supervisor or teacher immediately to inform them and they will be able to inform you of your options.

If you have a medical, non medical, exam clash issue which prevents you from sitting an exam you should contact your supervisor as soon as possible to see what alternative options may be on offer within your school, uni etc.

So now that just leaves the studying. Visit our exams topics page for some tips and our managing stress page for some ways to keep stress at bay.

But most of all good luck, we wish you all the best.

The TINO Team


1: Rules form Latrobe University



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  1. K.D says:

    People are making too big a deal out of this. Just study and you will do fine.

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