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As we get older we begin to receive more and more independence and become responsible for our own lives and our own decisions. And that independence comes with the exciting privilege to be able to receive your Provisional license.

Yes, the thought of holding a license is extremely exhilarating, but is also a big responsibility, and when you are in control of a vehicle, you are not only in charge of your life but are responsible for your passengers and of course, other drivers on the road. It may all seem like fun and games, but it is an unmistakable fact that one bad decision or one bad manoeuvre could potentially injure seriously injury someone or even end a life.

Being a P Plater is an awesome time of life. It gives you access to freedom, you can do more with your mates, maybe visit friends who don’t live close by or even take a road trip with your mates. That doesn’t sound too bad does it? And although there are always things in life out of our control at times that can affect us, there are also many things we can control when in a vehicle but we choose not to, therefore putting you and your friends at unnecessary harm.

Things like speeding, drink or drug driving, mobile phone use and eating and drinking whilst driving can increase a teenagers risk of crashing by up to four times and put you and your passengers in immediate danger, but still we continue to break the rules.

Of course, there are people out there trying to protect us by implementing state wide rules to take preventative measures and help keep our roads safe, but not everyone follows them. Every state has P Plater restrictions implemented for one purpose, to help save our lives as young and inexperienced drivers.  We are very connected to the use of technology, therefore mobile phones are used a lot by us and it can be tempting to check a text message or answer a phone call when behind the wheel, but is it worth it?

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Multiple young people around Australia have been held responsible for the deaths of strangers due to picking up a mobile phone, an unneeded distraction, when driving and that decision has haunted them for life. Scary, huh? To think that a split second decision can cause so much tragedy.  We are also known to be very social and can become distracted when with our friends, especially when in the car. Other distractions such as loud music and friends chatting when driving can make it even harder to concentrate purely on the road.

I know what it is like to be a young driver and the road can be a very scary place at times without the added distractions that we can experience. By obeying the road rules at all times we not only help to keep our own life safe but keep the lives of others around us safe as well and minimising the chances of a motor vehicle accident.

Driving can be fun, and there is nothing wrong with listening to music or having a few mates in the car, as long as you are mature and don’t make silly decisions that may put others in danger.  So, come on P Platers out there, let’s help everyone keep safe because I know we may all think ‘Nothing will ever happen to me’, but the reality is something just might happen if you don’t follow the rules and avoid distractions whilst driving. Before you pick up the phone, or decide to speed or maybe even do burnouts in the street, ask yourself, Is your life worth risking?

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