Sunday, April 28 2013

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Hello Sunday MorningDid you wake up this morning saying ‘Heeeelllooo Sunday Morning’ or ‘urrrrrr ouch I’m going back to bed and ignoring Sunday I’m hungover…

Either way you are not alone.

Chris Raine spent most his Sunday mornings doing the later every week until he decided he might try aiming for the first options more often by taking a break from drinking and so the project Hello Sunday Morning was born.  Now thousands of people across the country and are taking the Hello Sunday Morning challenge to take a short break from drinking alcohol, giving them a chance to sit back and see if alcohol plays a role they are happy with in their lives.

Now it doesn’t mean you will be T-Total for evermore, but for many who take on this Hello Sunday Morning challenge (called HSMers) they start to do more with those hangover free days, still have a great time out with mates and realise their confidence still shines schooner free. Then when, and if, you do start drinking again you will have the insight from your own personal experience to make choices that best suit you.

Founder and CEO Chris Raine sums this process up wonderfully “It’s easy to get swept up in a drinking culture. Every now and then we need a rope to pull us back to dry land. Hello Sunday Morning is that rope.”

Taking on such a task alone is not easy, so if this Sunday morning you want to make a change, head to and sign up. Once signed up you get the opportunity to create a diary blog about your experience and get support from the HSM community.

As an added bonus, on average the amount of money a HSMer saves over a 12 week period is $1200.

Want to know more the check out their intro video – oh and Hello Sunday Morning – go make it a good one.

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  1. Xin says:

    Whoa! Do people really spend $100 a week on alcohol? That’s incredible! I’m so glad I don’t drink!

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