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Have you ever had that feeling when life seems too much and you lose track of who you are?

Have you ever felt run down and exhausted, like you have no energy to get back on track and keep up with the fast-pace life has?

Have you ever wanted to press pause and scream GET ME OUT OF HERE?

Yeah, that makes two of us.

Whether it be family, friends, school, work, exams, commitments, hobbies or life in general, we all have those days when life overwhelms us and we come to the realisation that it is time for break. It is time to relax. Relax? What does relaxing mean? If you find yourself asking this question, and if your life is anywhere near as busy as mine as a teenager, and I can bet some of you agree, there is very little time for relaxation…or even none at all! So when you finally reach the time when you need a good cry, and it may be for no reason whatsoever, you know it is time to chill out and take some time out of your schedule for yourself.

At the beginning of last week this was me. I was driving home from work after a long day and school and began to run a checklist through my mind of how many things I had to do. I had two exams coming up, SIX assessment pieces due within the space of two days, five shifts at work coming up and a whole script to learn for an upcoming performance. PLUS I had to find time for family and friends in-between all of this, not to mention some time for me. Before I knew it I was pulled over to the side of the road, exhausted, stressed out and distraught. After a few deep breaths and a moment of fresh air I drove myself home and decided there and then it was time for a break…. No excuses! So I booked four days holiday in Rainbow Beach, packed some clothes in a suitcase and off I went.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love my life and wouldn’t change anything about it but sometimes you just need an escape, you need to get away and clear your head and find your true, RELAXED self again. And, just because you need to run away for that little amount of time, it doesn’t make you a bad person, just a normal one. Everyone needs an escape from life at some point and it’ss okay to admit it. And I can tell you now, four days of silence and long walks on the beach and getting in touch with nature for a few days was exactly what I needed. I had time to find a calmness within me again and learn what that five letter word, R-E-L-A-X, actually involved.

Life can fill our plate with so many things at one time, even when we don’t have room for anything else. That is the very reason escape can feel SO extremely satisfying and rewarding. It is okay to work hard and be under pressure, but don’t push yourself to breaking point without giving yourself something in return. Whether it be a day off to go for a hike, go away for a few days or even go to lunch with a good friend, make the time to enjoy the stress-free side of life, because the reality is that if you don’t life will weigh you down and whilst you are focusing on the pressure of life, you may miss something special along the way.

So, I ask you… what will be your great escape today?


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One Response to “Help, Get Me Out of Here!”

  1. Xin says:

    I like to think that it takes great wisdom to say “You know what? Forget what society thinks, I’m not okay, and I need to take action to make myself feel better.” I think spontaneous holidays are very much along this line, and I make no apologies for leaving a party or social event because I want to go home and read/sleep/rest instead.

    Also, being unemployed, most of my days are rest days which I enjoy quite well. I imagine that as soon as uni resumes I’ll be longing for the days when I could spend hours eating breakfast.

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