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An Australian Director (Luke Eve) and an Australian writer (Adam Grossetti) both found a common ground through their own relationships with depression, and noted the hesitation they both felt in discussing what they were going through and saw a desire to break down some of the barriers and be free to say discuss the issue, like as Luke now states “I’m not chronically depressed but to simply say I get sad or I’m deep or sensitive is kind of bullshit. I suffer from depression. And I have for a long time. There I said it.”

Together with the support of Australian actors, including a cameo from Ruby Rose, and a production team they are creating a six part web series which aims to mix life’s best medicine, comedy, with a storyline that aims to explore the issue of depression and breaking down the stigma surrounding the issue.

The story features Jef, on the surface, Jef is a regular guy. He’s good looking, charming, and funny. He also has a good job and a beautiful girlfriend. But he just doesn’t feel right. And he’s not sure what to do about it.

He is bombarded by advertising messages, annoying campaigners, and friends who all have solutions. Thankfully, his best friend, Tom and girlfriend, Shelly want to help. The only problem is, their solutions are disastrous.

Together they try to solve Jef’s problem but he soon realises that it might be something only he can fix.

Low Life aims to be a comedic and heartfelt look at depression. It is a cross between Sleepwalk With Me and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

This refreshing approach to mental health promotion is crowdsourced project, they hope to start production very soon but are putting a call out for people to get on board and make the concept a reality. Luke hopes the series will sheds light where there was once darkness on a topic that, until even a few weeks ago, he was afraid to talk about.

Check out the trailer below and the low life kickstarter page for the production

We look forward to seeing the final product and hopefully featuring it here on TINO.



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