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Turn those light bulb moments into reality

So you have many great ideas (toast topped with butter, peanut butter and then butter again is considered a hot one in our house) but this new idea you have is making your stomach burn and your mind excited.

This idea might be a business idea, or it might be an idea to make a positive change socially, but your young is that a barrier ? No, no no! Just look at Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook or closer to home how about Chris Raine, CEO of Hello Sunday Morning, his idea started with a hangover, when the 22 year-old from Brisbane woke up after a night of heavy drinking and read that Australia’s national binge drinking culture (a culture that he was very much a part of) cost the country over $15 billion and was responsible for the death of over 260 young Australians, each year. Since he has gone on to build the very successful not for profit organisation -  Hello Sunday Morning which since 2010 has had over 2400 people sign up for the program.

So how do we get these ideas to come to life? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Capture the idea

Write all your ideas down, brainstorm, mind map make sure you capture your thoughts before you loose them. Keeping a pen and paper next to the bed really can come in handy. Use your mobile phones note facility to quickly jot things down.


Spend some time looking at the market you are considering, including; competitors, locations, risks, opportunities, threats, costs, data, trends, facts.

Get support

For business ideas check out your local Business Enterprise Centre, they hold seminars on getting started and can even provide you with a mentor to help get the idea off the ground. Some even help out with covering costs for lawyers, accountants, intellectual property professional etc.

For those social ideas the Young Social Pioneers organisation is just what you need. They are taking applications now for places in their amazing program aimed to help you make your vision for social change a reality.

As a Young Social Pioneer:

  • You will receive 12 months of professional training, mentoring, networking opportunities and skills building
  • You will become part of a dynamic community of like-minded individuals who learn from and inspire each other
  • You will become part of a recognised and influential force of young leaders of social change

After the completion of their 12-month journey, YSP alumni continue to receive support from the networks they create, and in turn continue to support the program as mentors, workshop facilitators and advisory board members. So check them out – applications close 1st June 2012.

So rather than a long to do list – we really suggest you check these services out to help get your ideas out of your head and happening.

Good luck


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