Wednesday, July 4 2012

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OK, we know when it comes to giving and receiving, giving is the best part – right? But we reckon if you give here at TINO then you should also get to enjoy the receiving.

To help that happen we have just launched out new thank you scheme.

If you share your story about navigating life’s challenges you could get yourself a movie pass. Each month we will choose three stories to receive one. Every month all stories are eligible to receive one, so you never know when we might just email you!

Also, we love our blog section. why? Well you write it.

Write a blog for us and our new scheme now allows you to choose what your gift should be. With each blog published you are able to select an item up to the value of $20, you can either use it straight away, or save them up and get yourself something extra special. What will you choose? A book, movie pass, video game, theme park pass…

There even a plus…each month we have also three Student Edge Goodie Bags to hand out amongst the bloggers – so soon you could snaffle one of these too.

So whether a story via our studio, or a blog, we hope we can send you a thank you soon.

You can start sharing right now – visit our Share you Story Page and leave us a submission in either text, images, video or audio – no need for a video camera, you can record straight to the website.

Fancy getting a blog published? Well check out our Blog It! Information Sheet on how to get started.



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