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Image Credit: ctbarna | Flick

Image Credit: ctbarna | Flick

I try super hard to be positive, but that can be a hard and tiring approach to take 100% of the time, sometimes something just has an impact and the pack of cards take a topple.

Still feeling a bit flat yesterday, I read a statement about leaving the past in the past, what’s done is done type thing. But when you are feeling flat sometimes it can be hard to jump on that band wagon, at times we just need some time to, well not feel Mr or Miss Positive. But as I come to the end of the dark spot I am always grateful to see the light at the other end, but what is it that helps brighten things up?

For me I find these things are a great starting point:

Fresh Air

When I get stressed it means headaches ahoy for me, but a walk, fresh air and time away for computers etc really help me out, rain, hail or shine.

Chat to a friend

The biggest for me, some how saying it all out loud allows the internal chatter to slow down and stop poking me from the inside-out. It also helps me to correct some of the negative thoughts, as friends are good at telling it like it is and highlighting the good points you are often so determined to skip over when feeling low.

Get a good nights sleep

This can be hard as often the internal chatter doesn’t make this very easy, but once I manage to finally get a good nights sleep things seem so much more manageable the next day. But I do have to plan for this by trying to take some time out before bed, having a good read etc to try and make the falling asleep part as easy as possible and not allow the chatter to win.


After a few slow days I often crave some routine, staying inside and not seeing anyone is not healthy for me, getting back to work, school etc is like pressing the reset button. What a relief when the system reaches this point.

What about you – how do you help straighten out those tough times? I would love some for tricks to add to my list of ideas and strategies.


2 Responses to “Staying Positive”

  1. Xin says:

    My girlfriend once introduced me to a book called “The Happiness Trap”. I haven’t read it, but from what I understand the basic premise is that our society has convinced us that we always need to be happy. If we’re not happy, there’s something wrong with us or the circumstances around us. This is a delusion that leads us to punish ourselves for not being happy, and we become caught in a cycle of believing there’s something wrong with our lives. That’s about all I know about the book, but maybe it’s worth a read?

    On days that are absolutely hopelessly miserable, and no attempts to stay positive are working, one of my favourite bloggers has compiled a list of “ways to hit the reset button”.

    • Basu says:

      Happy to come across your note. Got interest to read the book. Yes, we are all convinced but so far that’s only option we could see in this world. Because we are not sages.

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