Thursday, May 24 2012

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By Jess

Image by They all have a start and sometimes they have an end too. Relationships can have high and lows, ups and downs, happy and sad moments and of course, heartbreak, but the one thing they always bring you is memories. And memories, no matter what the circumstances, last a lifetime. Having a relationship is about sharing one thing, sharing happiness, sharing laughter and of course, sharing love. And love can be very fragile during the time of adolescence.

During high school relationships have to conquer the continuous battle of gossip and school stress and also learn to decide on not only your own future, but the future of your relationship. Relationships can make you the happiest person in the world, they can fill your life with joy and they can open a world of opportunities that you can enjoy with someone else; you can create memories. The best thing about a relationship is being able to enjoy each day as it comes, being able to enjoy every minute with someone you love and care for, and being able to just be yourself every minute of the day and be loved for it. But to make sure your relationship stays strong remember to always be honest with one another and to always trust each other. Trust is a very hard thing to earn and easy to break, but is an important key factor in a relationship.

Image by and honesty with one another also means to never let the word of others get in between you and your partner. Always talk to each other and don’t let the high school gossip lead you to believe everything that someone says about your boyfriend/girlfriend that may lead you to act irrationally. Get the whole story first and TALK. It is better to be honest and think above the gossip of others, but to confront your partner about any worries you have. Relationships are shared between two people and are for two people to enjoy, cherish and celebrate fun times together.

They are sharing a common thought or interest, loving each other’s individual strengths and being proud of each other. They say your girlfriend/boyfriend is always the first to arrive and the last to leave and the first and last one to clap for you on important occasions, the one who looks after you when you’re sick (no matter how bad you look), the one who puts you to bed when you are too tired to stay awake and someone who will sit through any movie with you, just for the enjoyment of your company. So, even if a relationship does unfortunately come to a close, pick up a block of chocolate from your nearest convenience store or devour a whole tub of your favourite ice cream, but never EVER forget the memories that you created, shared and reminisced together, because they are the moments that you remember forever.

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