Project Tune Your Mood

Music can have an impact on how we feel, both positively and negatively, once we are aware of which songs and styles of music keeps our mood in the same space, or even improves it, compared to music which can make us feel worse, we have a powerful tool which we can use to help us manage the challenges which come along. Visit our Music and Our Mental Health topic page for more information about music listening and playing.

Here on our music page we have a full jukebox worth of music for you to listen to. On the right hand-side, you will see a menu of playlists for different times, emotions and occasions. Each playlist has been created by another young person. So have an explore, hit play and see which songs and playlist help you Tune Your Mood.

You can also submit your own playlist here

International Youth Day 2014

By Young Peeps: "Calling all young people, past and present - what's your song?"