Project Tune Your Mood

During the 28th April - 16th May 2014 we held project Tune Your Mood where we invited you to submit a positive playlist of music. Tune Your Mood is a project promoting the use of healthy music listening and making as tools for managing life's challenges (find out more about the uses of music at our music and our mental health topic page).

Throughout the campaign we added all of the playlists to our TINO jukebox  - check out Tune You Mood 2014 for the all the playlists and International Beats for playlists from international young people. Remember to also check out young people's descriptions of their positive music uses. We have also compiled the Ultimate Tune Your Mood Compilation which features all of the songs submitted - why not press play below and listen to music that other young people find positively helps them.

Winner announcement: winners of  Tune Your Mood 2014 were the playlists; Hope by Hopelessly Hopeful Records and Songs to Wear for a Smile by Staircase 101 - both creators will receive a $50 iTunes voucher  congrats!

The TYM Ultimate Playlist