Project Tune Your Mood

28th April - 16th May 2014

During the 28th April - 16th May 2014 we are inviting you all to Tune Your Mood and create a positive playlist of music. Tune Your Mood is a project promoting the use of healthy music listening and making as tools for managing life's challenges (find out more about the uses of music at our music and our mental health). We will also be giving away 2 x $50 iTunes vouchers for two of the playlists submitted.

If you are a young person you can get involved by submitting your playlist below to feature on TINO, or if you are a teacher or youth worker and would like to run a music session with a group of young people then check out the Tune Your Mood website for info on getting involved.

During the campaign we will be talking and listening to music - your music, we will upload all playlists and get the TINO jukebox filled with lots of great tunes. Come back and check out your own, but also listen those of others - we showcase them all via the online streaming service Grooveshark so they are easy to add to your own music collection or listen to direct from TINO.

If you make or write music, tell us why you do it we'd love to hear from you - Share your story here.

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