Project Tune Your Mood

Music is the Sound of Feelings

So whatever song you connect with​ -​

Turn up the volume on your heart.
Stop muting your soul's screams.
Listen deeply. Hear yourself.
Delight in the powerful vibrations of your voice. Speak.
You've got a lot to say.  
​(​​by ​Sarah L. Harvey​)​

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Welcome to your TYM music space

This space is for you. Project Tune Your Mood is all about accepting people as they are, and supporting those around you through music, which can express so much more than just words on a page. Reach out and be connected to others by contributing some of your thoughts and the songs that get you through. It might be helpful to put yourself out there, or find out from others through their playlists - you're not alone. To get started just submit your own playlist here. We can't wait to hear from you.

Check out this sample playlist below, or explore more via the playlist categories on the right.

How Music Feels

By JVZF rocks: "Music changes your mood, and you will lose your control and groove. Music relaxes and calms you, and you go to sleep. You have to turn on the music when you play games, it's not the same without music."