Having music that is there to carry us through 'everyday' can be like a friend to talk and listen too. Check out the playlists other young people have created for those 'Everyday' moments. Why not submit your own playlist to be featured here.
To listen to the playlists you will need to be signed into Spotify, the online music steaming service.

Music for everyday

By: We Love Music "Music is played in the background to do the washing, go to sleep, to have fun, and when I'm bored. It makes me dance, sing, encourages and calms me down, and gives me energy."

Songs for Most Days

By Mental Sounds: "Some days when you're feeling down or bored, songs can help"


By KiAlBrNiTeJeLi: "Listening to music helps us to relax - the beat, words, voice, instruments. Everything just melts away, and takes us to another place."