When our own words don't come, music can talk for us and express how we are feeling. Why not submit your own playlist to be featured here.

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Music Can Talk for Me

By Jelly Beans "This play list are of our songs that inspire,uplift and are meaning full to us. When we listened to our songs it made us feel like we were in a different place were we can express our thoughts and change our mood. If I  cant express my feelings or thoughts a song can do that for us. "

How Music Feels

By: JVZF Rocks "Music changes your mood, and you will lose your control and groove. Music relaxes and calms you, and you go to sleep. You have to turn on the music when you play games, it's not the same without music. "

Get Pumped When You Feel Like A Grump

By: Xavier "These songs help me get out of any negative or destructive mood I am in and gets me pumped in a very positive way, making me want to be productive or do something to help my well being."