Feelings can be varied and at times confusing, music can help ground us with something that feel familiar and comfortable. Below are are playlist submitted by other young people. Why not submit your own playlist to be featured here.

To listen to the playlists you will need to be signed into Spotify, the online music steaming service.


By T & C: "I listen to songs so that I don't need to think, it takes my mind off things. Songs can change my mood, when I'm feeling down, an upbeat song can be uplifting. Sometimes  music can also control my mood, and singing along can help to be feel more part of the song."


By: Mollie " i listen to these songs when i want to get in touch with my feelings or when I'm upset."

Teri's Playlist

By: Teri "Music always puts me in a different mood."

How to get through a day

By: Sarah "This playlist is created to show my love of music and how much it contributes to me having a good day, Ive got a playlist for every mood I'm in and what I'm doing :) Music changes my perspective on things, like when I'm in a bad mood and i listen to a good song it can go from sitting in my room crying to getting outside and getting motivated.
Hope you like my taste in music :"