What our mind says about us and how our self esteem feels can be the key ingredients as to whether we ride life's waves with smile and fist-pump. They can also affect how we interpret the messages family, friends and the media pass in our direction. Here are some playlists created to get the inner voice and self esteem on the right channel with it so clear it tunes all the negative stuff out.

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10/10 for music

By: We Love Music "I bob along and dance to a good song. I feel a tightness in my chest, it's a really happy feeling. Songs can relate to me, inspire and make me feel better. it also helps to switch off."


Inner Courage

By: DT13 " As we are pressured by society, we don't get the chance to be ourselves. So this playlist is here to give you the inner courage we all need."

Tune In

By: Brep24 "This is my "tune in" playlist; songs I listen to when I'm cooking or running or working. These are songs that make me think (but not too much), inspire me, and motivate me. Music is essential for me to feel balanced in my life, and I enjoy sharing that with you!"

Pick Me Up

By:PGlancey "For when you need a good pick me up after a tough day. These songs always raise my spirits and brighten my day. I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do!!"

Be Strong

By: THE Tuners "We love our music. We play the piano, violin, clarinet, guitar, flute and we also love to sing. Our songs give us a feeling and meaning. Upbeat songs especially change our moods. "

Pumper Up! 

By THE Tuners "Feeling tired today after school. We put on some music - good bands, upbeat, inspiring lyrics. We sang along, grooved with it and had a few good laughs. Music has the power to pump us up. "