For some people they might start their day with a coffee, a run, a swim, a lazy read of the paper, but for many of us our music is our morning shot of coffee to get us ready to tackle to day ahead whatever it may bring. Why not submit your own playlist to be featured here.

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Monday Kickstart Shot of Music

By:  IsCaRa "On Mondays we listen to songs to get us started for the week, lift our mood and kickstart some good vibes. Some people need their coffee, but we do it with music."

Songs for Monday

By: JiNtHe "Some songs encourage us to be strong, give us hope and courage, to face the day. Sometimes we need to be chilled to get through the day."

Good Vibes are Cool Vibes

By: MiCaMa "Songs can keep us in a good mood. This playlist has up beat songs to take us in that good mood. Even in tough times let yourself go and  have moments of fun."

Indie Workday Struggle

By: Dream Cult "Struggling through the work week? Does it feel like it should be Thursday and its actually Tuesday? Don't roll your eyes, jam this playlist and know that it'll be over soon."