We have had heaps of music playlists coming in so we thought we'd share a few with you - have a listen and then why not create your own in our Tune Your Mood music competition.

Cranky Smile

By: Renee

 I listen to these songs when I'm upset/stressed/angry or worried. I go to the gym and workout hard listening to these songs when i'm angry etc. These songs pump my adrenaline and because i'm generally angry, I work harder. These songs are my beat and are suitable for the gym and honestly help me work harder. They're fast songs so they're suitable for the gym. They make me smile as when I'm working out, the music allows me to think of the reason why i'm feeling like this, and gets me working harder to release the anger. I walk away smiling knowing I have trained hard and feel much more relieved and barely angry.

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Home Alone

by: K.Mishelly

These are the songs I listen to when no one else is at home. I blast them up loud and dance and sing my heart out, because the loudness means no one can her how out of tune my voice is. It's perfect for the days when you just have too much energy, negative or positive, and you just need to release it. They have a great imagery as well so it's easy to pretend you're somewhere else and just forget about everything for a few minutes :)

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Instant Happiness

By: Maddy

This is a playlist full of songs that pick you up when you're feeling a little down or stressed out. Perfect for times when you feel like you need a little spark of sunshine in your life. They perk you up and make you feel like you can accomplish anything!

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By: Fox

When my anger feels out of control, I listen to these songs and they express how I feel. And in turn, puts the fire to sleep.

Feet Up Mix

By: Mitch B

This playlist is for those moments when you've:
Done a large amount of exercise and want to kick back
Done a huge amount of work and you want to kick back
Had a bad day and you want to kick back
Done nothing, but want to continue kicking back anyway

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A Thousand Hybrid Feelings

By: Bladewing

Linkin Park is my favourite band, which got me listening to music. Before hearing them I didn't understand how people could listen to music for fun. The first 6 songs are all to do with loneliness, running away, not fitting in, and feeling dead inside. The seventh song "In the end" lightens my mood and makes me feel these emotions don't matter. Song 8 to 11 are more up-lifting songs and more aggressive, which seems to get the repressed rage out of me. The last song, "Burn It Down" is a new addition to the playlist, which makes my happiness peak, burning the bad feelings away. Sometimes I put it on repeat. These I describe as a unique mix, my hybrid feelings. The playlist name made from 3 albums combined- "Hybrid Theory, Meteora, A Thousand Suns".

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Songs of the Day

By: DiabloDeEncanto

This is what I listen to when I'm on the train, or in the car; with a long period of time stretched out in front of me. It's for these rare moments when I can, stop, relax and see the world move by me in a way that I often forget to when wrapped up in daily life. These songs are helpful because they are the sort which get me into this mood; not too angry or depressing or lovesick, but with enough emotion and life in them to allow my thoughts to move to their rhythm.

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Moving On, Looking Forward

By: OYH Boyz

This playlist is about having the strength and courage to go on when times are tough. These are songs that help us to reflect on the hard times, plan ahead, and start moving forward with life. These songs help us to have the energy, strength and courage to rise above life’s challenges and make our way toward the future.

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There Will Be Tears

By: Ashlee

This track might seem like a depressing track, but it makes me think of all the good things I do have in life, and even though whatever bad has happened, it doesn't limit me the the success I can have in life and the goals i can set myself.

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By: OYH Boyz

These are a collection of songs that bring us hope. Often it’s the words of songs that we find make us feel hopeful or uplifted, but sometimes it can be the beat or the positive associations we have for that piece of music that are helpful. These songs demonstrate all three ways in which songs can help us to feel optimistic about our future.