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Electric Feel

By: Revarawr

 I believe that my personality is reflected through my music taste and listening to my playlist reminds me of who I am as an individual - eccentric, unlike any other, and most importantly comfortable being the way I am and not feeling the urge to conform with the majority.

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Real Music

by: Pure Music

I listen to songs with a heavy beat when I am annoyed or just want to get something out of my head i like listening to acoustic stuff when i am calm and songs that are in other languages when i want something cool and different. Mostly music lift my mood because i love it so much i can listen to anything but its the artists without auto tune and doing different songs that really make Real Music

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By: Zoekosmina

I get very stressed and anxious all the time, so when I listen to these songs it calms me down and helps me to breathe. I think music is a great way to help with issues like mine and as silly as it sounds, music had actually helped me through a lot in my life.