A great video often starts with great planning, that includes researching your topic, defining what you will do, how you will set up your shots, who you will interview right down to how you will get to the interview.

Check out the videos and handouts below to get you started.

Featured Planning Tool

Storytelling by Vibe Wire

Video Brief

This is the Tune In Not Out Video Brief. By completing this brief you will start to consider the messages you want to include, the specific target audience and the style of your video. The brief then allows you to record those people you interview and any images or music used which can all help with credits and video sign off.

Video Brief (form 14) (designed to be printed double sided)

Storyboard Template

Getting your production set out on paper before you send the tape rolling can save a lot of time in production and editing. Here are 2 templates to work from

Storyboard Template (Form 11)

Storyboarding Video

This video highlights how storyboard to completed production can work.