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Man Therapy

How do men handle problems and stresses - Dr Brian Ironwood introduces www.mantherapy.org.au

  • Author: Beyond Blue
  • Upload Date: 2013-06-07

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Drugs 101

There is no doubt that Alcohol and Other Drugs play some role in our lives, whether as a spectator or users and can range from energy drinks, Sambuca to illicit and prescription drugs.

Drugs are used for many different reasons, the list is long and can include socialising, to have a good time, feel part of the group, to escape worries.

They can be used in a multitude of settings from the footie club, nightclub, home and to the uni bar at lunch. Check out this full blog at http://www.tuneinnotout.com/blog/drugs-101

  • Author: TINO Crew
  • Upload Date: 2011-11-29



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6 Responses to “Alcohol & Other Drugs”

  1. jonkraftsmall says:

    Thanks for info

  2. Thornton Armstead says:

    I’m a drug & alcohol counselor and viewed the segment Alcohol and your brain.I would like to know how to purchase videos if possible. The agency I work for is not equipped with internet viewing for the group.

  3. Sophie says:

    i hate this i have to download flash player you cant do this to me i was excited to use it :D

    • lynz says:

      Hi Sophie, all of the site should work without flash expect the online comment studio,hope you can access the rest of the content OK.

  4. Michael says:

    I know a person with HepC!!! I thought in order to contract HepC you HAD 2 share a needle with a person who already had HepC?>???? this person I know with HepC has NEVER used or shared a needle with anyone.Is there other ways to be infected with HepC????

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