Thinking about finding help is often the biggest step of all. This section details a range of videos about what is like to find and access services that can assist you.

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Alessandro's headspace story

Alessandro's tells his story of managing depression and how headspace helped him - turning "what's wrong' to "what can we do.."

  • Author: headspace
  • Upload Date: 2016-07-04

Created by headspace

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Is it Ok to see a counsellor

Is it Ok to see a counsellor

A work by Xin

I had a pretty bad time in high school. Without going into details, I was bullied, I knew what it was like to be hurt and alone, I felt angry, sad, and eventually I felt nothing. I was not okay, and I knew I was not okay, but no one else seemed to care. None of my friends were willing to really open up to me. It was like I was drowning and I was surrounded by people in boats, but none of them were willing to risk reaching out to me.

Read the full story about is it Ok to see a counsellor on the blog

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As part of our blog series Xin takes a personal look into the question, is it Ok to see a counsellor.

  • Author: Xin
  • Upload Date: 2013-02-25

Written by Xin as part of our blog section.


Do you need help now?

Kids Helpline

Phone: 1800 55 1800 (free call from landline)


Phone: 13 11 14 (cost of local call from landline)

Emergency Services

Phone ‘000’ or get to a hospital now if you are in immediate danger and can’t get through to a help line (like Lifeline or Kids Helpline)

It may help to read this factsheet by Reach Out about calling emergency services if you feel scared.

Find More Info

Reach Out has a great group of factsheets about accessing and finding help, whether for yourself or someone else. Check out these links for more info

Who can help you

Emergency help

Therapy and medication

Help a friend

Help yourself

Also check out this article on Low Cost or Free Mental Health Services by www.mindhealthconnect.org.au which provides information on government programs

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