Self harm refers to people deliberately hurting their bodies.
Common types of self harm among young people include cutting (e.g. cutting the skin on arms, wrists or thighs), burning the skin, picking at wounds or scars, selfhitting, or deliberately overdosing on medication, drugs or other substances that cause harm. Check out this page for videos and factsheets.

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Stressing out, feeling down, getting depressed or anxious - these are common experiences for young people. Rather than ignore these feelings and hope they go away, beyondblue encourages young people to seek help. But what does 'seeking help' actually involve? Who should you go to and how do you do it? In this video series, beyondblue takes a look at what it's like to get help from a range of professionals.

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A work by Kelly

I have been struggling with depression for about 5 months now. No one knows how depressed i am, as i don't show it. I always act happy and I tell everyone that I love my life etc. Yet i have a problem, I have been self harming for awhile now. I am struggling in school, and my relationship with my parents isn't great either. I always sleep, i like to sleep a lot because I don't have to worry about anything, i can just sleep and keep to myself. I want to get help but im scared to tell anyone.

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This is just about my life.

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my struggles in life


Provided by headspace

We have partnered with headspace to bring you the best factsheet information we can on this topic. headspace is Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation. headspace provides health advice, support and information for young people aged 12-25.

About self harm

what is self-harm?

Self harm refers to people deliberately hurting their bodies. Common types of self harm among young people include cutting (e.g. cutting the skin on arms, wrists or thighs), burning the skin, picking at wounds or scars, self-hitting, or deliberately overdosing on medication, drugs or other substances that cause harm.

About 10% of adolescents say they have self harmed at some point in their livesÂą. For some young people self harm is a one-off event, but for others it becomes a repeated behaviour that can be hard to change.

Why do people self harm?

Most self harm is in response to intense emotional pain or a sense of being overwhelmed by negative feelings, thoughts or memories.

self harm stop self harming

For some young people it may seem there is no other way of dealing with what is going on, or expressing what they are feeling. Self harm may offer temporary relief but it does not help a person to overcome a problem over time.

Some people are more likely to self harm than others, including those who have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse or have a mental health problem such as depression. It is usually a build up of negative, stressful life events rather than one event that triggers self harm in young people.

Self harm and suicide

There is an overlap between self harm and thinking about suicide however not everyone who self harms is suicidal. Sometimes people do very risky things and accidentally die or seriously injure themselves as a result of their self harm.

What can you do if you self harm?

It is important to know that there is support available if you are self harming. Seeking help when problems begin to develop is really important and a good first step is telling a trusted family member, friend or teacher what you are going through.
There are health professionals at headspace centres who can provide counselling to help you develop effective coping skills to deal with your problems, so that you don’t have to rely on self harming.

Not ready to talk to someone you know?

You can contact eheadspace to talk to a counsellor online or on the phone, talk to your general practitioner (GP) or call a helpline for confidential support (e.g. Lifeline 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800).
If you need immediate medical attention, call 000.

How can I help a young person who self harms?

self harm ice can be a safe alternative

The best way to help someone is to provide support and encourage them to ask for professional help. Be as open with the person as possible and try to make them feel safe to discuss their feelings. Remain calm while recognising they might feel ashamed of their actions and worry about your judgements. Do not try to make ultimatums or force the person to stop, this could make things worse.

Ask the person directly if they are considering suicide and call your local hospital or mental health service if you think they are. Call 000 or take the person to the emergency department of the local hospital if they need urgent medical attention.
Download a copy of this headspace self harm factsheet
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26 Responses to “Self Harm”

  1. Jessica says:

    Talk to your doctor and ask for a cream to help get rid of your scares. Holding ice cubes in you hands also satisfys to eardge to cut yourself. this helped me 4 years ago when i selfharmed everyday.
    hope this helps and take care :)

  2. Amber says:

    ive cut myself/self harmed since i was 11. i told my best and most trusted friend that i do it and she didnt want to be friends with me anymore. it broke my heart and it just made me want to do it more.i had no friends i was just lonely. i promised her i would not do it so often as she was my best and only friend. ive continued to do it until now. im 14 in 2 months. my dad found out i did it a few weeks ago and he yelled at me for doing it. it was the reason i had done it. because he kept yelling and yelling and yelling. saying ill f****** kill myself and stuff like that and it was hard to cope. he kept having a go at me for it and it just made me want to do it more. the most recent self harm i have done was this morning, before that 2 days ago. i have my reasons though. i started when i was 11 because my mother and her parents had abused me all my life. she kicked me outta the house and stuff had happpened. i moved with my dad which i felt safer. recently i had 2 friends harm themselves and 1 in hospital twice and 1 of my mates that cut themselves 2 of the reasons were because of me. i couldnt cope so i hurt myself. i saw the other ways instead of self harming and they made me laugh. everyone has this stupid diception that if you harm your automatically emo. if you say you harm your an attention seeker. prove it to people your a mental psycho. this isnt right. i know im a hypocrit i tell people dont self harm and i do it myself but yes im a smart girl (doesnt sound like it i know) but i am and i should take my own advice but i dont and i have a bad history with cousellors. all im saying is dont yell at someone if they selfharm, be kind and gentle and understanding dont blab or bully them for it. thanks :/

    • lynz says:

      Hi Amber, you are so right people do need to be kind, gentle and understanding if someone tells them they are self harming, it can be hard to hear but you are right supporting and helping them will make a big difference to help them stop. Really sorry to hear that you are not getting that support you deserve, it sounds like you are having some tough times. I know you said that you have not had much luck with counsellors, it can certainly take visiting a few until you find the right one. We would really encourage you to try again – how about trying one of the online services at http://www.eheadspace.org.au you can chat online, we have heard really great things about that. Please take great care, check out the factsheet above with some alternatives to cutting. Thanks again for leaving your comment, very brave to share your story and for reminding us to support those around us. Lynz

    • Lisa says:

      wow, what a wise person you are. I found your comments very helpful. I am a nana and my granddaughter is self harming, it seems, to cope with pain. She is much loved and supported. I am currently researching this subject and ways to help her. For yourself, I send comfort and support and a pair of warm hugging arms. I sense you could be a councilor in a future career.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Amber, Thank you for sharing your life with us, My daughter is 15 and has been abused on the internet when she was 13, she was threatened and too scared to tell us, it has ended now but she has really bad memories of the threats and sometimes talks about suicide and cutting herself, she suffers depression and chronic fatigue, I have anxiety and so does my other daughter so we understand her and support her, but there are others that say she is just attention seeking and get angry about it, which is just because they don’t understand the situation and because they cant fix it..its very frustrating but like you said people going through this need love and support not anger and punishment.. thanks once again for your story, please look after yourself and im sure you will one day be able to help others and be a great support because of what you have been through..take care, regards Jennifer :-) )

      • lynz says:

        Hi Jennifer, how wonderful that your support your daughter so strongly.

        We thought you or your daughter might be interested in this blog series here on TINO written by a young girl who also suffers with Chronic Fatigue and depression – she shares an amazing story, lots of helpful info.


      • Rita says:

        Could someone please give me some advise on how to help a young woman who continuosly and horrendously self harms we have tried all therapies even having her in a mental health unit to no avail she still continues HELP thank you

        • lynz says:

          Hi Rita, fist off your friend is very lucky to have you looking out for her, it is by having friends that care and want to help that can really make a difference. Unfortunately we can’t provide one on one counselling ere on TINO, but we recommend contacting a service such as http://www.headspace.org.au. or kids helpline for advice. We hope she finds a place which can assist her. Take care of yourself too.

  3. tejay says:

    hey there i am a self harmer i have realised what it has done tom my family im 15 in a few months i have been self harming for about 5 years now, i lived on the streets for about 5 weeks and i was being abused by my so called friends,i stopped going to school because i could not cope and most of the time i was in hospital i had no friends and i got into drugs really bad i have stopped using drugs, i am still not able to control my cutting, but i have gone back to school (3 years later) and i am enjoying it, but there is something different about me, when i pick up a knife or a razor i loose control ,my mind blanks and i dont know what i am doing , i have been clean for about 2 weeks now, and i am so god damn proud of myself

    • lynz says:

      Hey Tejay – that is brilliant news that you have been able to have a great two weeks – we are proud of you too :) We hope you can keep it going, your story is inspiring to have many difficult challenges show but manage to overcome so many is amazing – stand proud.

  4. bec says:

    hi, I just found out my beautiful little sister is self harming herself. she has just disclosed this to me. I am trying to find some information on ways to help her. we talked about being suicidal and she said that’s not why she does it. I was able to respond ok I guess as only 2 weeks ago I watched a show on insight about self harm and found it quiet interesting, I didn’t realise it was so close to home. I am so glad I watched it though as it really helped me to listen and not to get angry at her but instead talk about why she does this and what we could do together to stop her or do it in a safer way. I asked her to go and see her councillor at school but I’m thinking of taking her to see a councillor, is this ok do you think? I don’t want to push her or take over at all but I’m the only family she has told so far. I try my best to be open, honest and listen to her as I am a fair bit older then her and our older sisters usually led me into trouble rather then be a supportive protective sister. any advice would really be appreciated. thanks.

    • lynz says:

      Hi Bec – what a great sister you are being, it sounds like the show has given to some great information to handle the situation so well. Suggesting to see a counsellor is great and going along for support, if that is what she would like, is a fantastic show of support and will certainly let her know how supported she is. We would recommend contacting headspace and see if they have a service near you, they are youth orientated and the whole process is set up to feel comfortable and welcoming. http://www.headspace.org.au – take great care

    • Erin says:

      Hey Bec – You doing that for your sister, and supporting her is a very big thing to do. And many siblings; such as myself; are very proud of you that you did do that for your younger sibling. But taking your sister to see a professional councellor is a safer option. As then your sister has a scheduled time every week to talk about it; when she isn’t (or if she does) tlk about it too you; to the councellor, besides having to wait or put in a time to see the school councellor.

      As a sibling and being an older sibling to myself, I’m proud of you and I hope that your siter gets better. But I also hope that you don’t suffer any great amounts of pressure from this too.

  5. mum says:

    never would I have imagined my beautiful 12 year old daughter self harming. as a parent, I sit back and go through when she was born and pick at all the things I could have done better with her. One minute you are chasing them down the hallway with a puppet in your hand and the next they are showing you razor scars on their body crying and shaking. she wont eat, she hides in her room all day long, im just so sad. we are taking steps to encourage her and support her but I just cant believe I stuffed it up as a parent for her

    • lynz says:

      Dear Mum – so sorry to hear that you and your daughter are having such a tough time, your message just sounds full of love and concern, we are sure having you there as support is helping. Although we can’t provide one on one advice, we do suggest contacting a service like http://www.headspace.org.au and having a chat with someone at your local clinic so see what they can advise. We wish you all the best. Lynsey

  6. caitlin says:

    I have self harmed for four years and my parents have already shown a huge distaste for mental illnesses for quiet some time i found this out when i had to do an assessment for school. Anyway at the third year my niece (18) saw cuts on my shoulder and i told her to cram it. Little did i know she had told my sister about it (nurse for the elderly only needs a year of uni to be a qualified nurse) my sister had then told my mother and it was all a waiting game to them until they had confrunted me on a night where i was already in trouble. My mother vigerously man handled me and ripped all of my clothes off (except for a bra and underwear) this made me have a panic attck she grabbed every bit of my body scanning for cuts and i had a lot, she then proceeded to show my dad (all he did was cry and ask why) I then had to go to my neighbours house (we had to baby sit the animals) which my mother had told me “because of this your father is immediatly on suicide watch” This made me feel so god damn horrible and all i did was cry, my mother was treating me so horribly about the same way i had treated my own body, she rang my sister which had to drive half an hour to baby sit me so that my mother could check on my father, she soon came back and stripped me infront of my sister and all my sister said was “so what ive seen them heaps of times, ive known all along” Her boyfriend was over at the time and they had a big group hug…without me, i felt so alone and isolated when i should have been the one getting so much but yet i got nothing. Im going to a psychologist now and i have been for almost a year and i hate her she just looks at me and it makes me feel as though she doesnt want to hear about my crap, my mother treats me like shit and has practically disowned me and my own boyfriend is so appauled with how she acted and is still acting. My father makes fun of me saying “dont be mean to caitlin, she’ll just have a mental breakdown” then laughs

    Moral to the story: Actually know if your parents are going to be supportive of you because if they aren’t then they’ll just be like my parents.

    • lynz says:

      Hi Caitlin, so sorry to hear what a tough time you are having, and sorry your parents haven’t been able to support you the way you deserve – a huge well done of going to see a psychologist, quite a few young people have shared their story on here about it needing to visit a few before they found the one who worked for them – Xin talks about it really well here in his blog http://www.tuneinnotout.com/blog/is-it-ok-to-see-a-counsellor/ perhaps you could try another and see if that works out better? we hope over time you parents can learn how to maneg their own emotion to better help you. Pleased you have the support there of your boyfriends – stay safe and we really hope this improve soon.

    • Brooke says:

      Stuff them. I’m so sorry to hear how awful they are to you. If they treat you that way you can cut them off cause if they’re not supportive they aren’t worth the time. I really want to punch them for you. I hope you get it all figured out. I don’t have any real advice to you as I’m only fourteen, but I will say this. Stay strong, there are people who will understand you and support you. I hope it gets better from here.

  7. Shannon says:

    it is probably to late to say anything but i have been suicide before i started at the age of 7 and stoped at the age of 15 since i was born my dad was never around i was always looked after by my mum and step dad. my step dad always favored my sister who is younger then me. me and my sister didnt get along from time to time but when we had our major arguments my step dad would come and yell at me so loud that i ended up getting frightened from him i would get like 30min time out why my sister would get told just dont fight again please sweety. my mum always went to work and i was left with my step dad for hours and when my mum got home she was tired and didnt want to hear it. (she suffers from depression and other things) when me and my sister went to school we would have to go into my mums room and say goodbye to her because she was in bed all day and all night she never ate anything and she would take like 6 tablets a day to keep her issues under control (later on) my mum ended up getting hit by her friends car be accident she went in hospital for about 3-4 days then came home in very bad condition she had bruises all over her body and it made me and my sister so scared to even go to school and leave her but we had no choice but when i had to go to school i would have to put up getting bullied all day every day. then in my head is my brusied and sick mum my life was so bad so thats when i seen its time to end it. way later on mum is okay now but im still with my step dad and coping what i get from him and there was one time he came after me and i think he hit me across my face so everytime he came passed me and stretched or lifted his arm up my ordomatic reaction was to dunk because i thought he was going to hit me. later on once i got to the age of 14 my mum FINALLY left my step dad and my life got better and then the most happiest thing in my life came to me i met a HORSE that i named duchess she made my life so awesome i loved her so much i cut down my self harming and i enjoyed living with my mum on my own (sister lived with her dad) later on duchess had to go back that broke my heart so much! and i ended so stressed and i didnt know what to do anymore in my life but i did get better and i ended up moving out of home when i was 16 and im not living with my nana and we are looking for a new horse for me i love horses. (skip everything still goes on) recently i thought of taking my own life im not coping in my new school i have been to so much and this must be my 8th school i have like 3 friends and i have been here alittle in to 2014 but im not coping with so much work it is hard and to no im always left out. i just think if im invisable already that means when im dead no ONE will care sept my family but when it got in my head what i was going to do i couldnt do it imagining my mum, dad, nana,other family my baby sisters and my other sister watching me go in the ground because i took my life. i couldnt do it im only 16 and in a frew months 17 i already have a future planned for me to have a horse on my own property living with my partner and for my partner to have a horse with me i dont plan to have kids because it will be hard for me to be able to have a job and pay for my kid and horses. but the reason im writing this message is because im at the point to self harm or just pull out of school and lose it! i hate coming to school and no that i sit on my own in school and recess and lunch because i have NO ONE to hang with or sit with in class. does anyone have any tips on how to cope with this??? and yes im seeing a councilor but everytime it finishes im sad,hurt about life and just want to CRY!. please can anyone give me some advice?

    • lynz says:

      Hi Shannon – how brave you are to reach out and ask for help like this, and it really sounds like you have had such a tough time. First remember these thoughts of suicide are just thoughts and you do not have to act on them, if you feel unsafe please call lifeline 13 11 44, kids helpline 1800 55 1800 or 000 as this WILL get better, we have many young people share their story here on TINO who have felt that they have reached the end, but with help and support they now feel so happy that they have come through the dark days and are enjoying life again – we really believe you can do the same. You have hit the spot with us about the horses (horse lovers too here at TINO!) and having an animal in your life can be such a wonderful thing (we love the name Duchess by the way) it would be great if your were able to have horses back in your life again, as knowing that everyday they are waiting to see you, and treasure all the love you give them can just be fantastic, not to mention how good it can feel to go for a great ride, in the meantime is there anyway you can join up to a riding school to have some time with the horses? The great thing about meeting new people at a sporting / hobby club is the shared love of the sport, or in your case horses can really breakdown some barriers. A huge well done on keeping up with seeing the counsellor, keep telling them everything that is happening for you – sadly we can’t provide any advice on the mental health aspect of things, we do want you to know that you would be missed and to keep going – perhaps read some of the stories and tips here on TINO to get some ideas for ways of coping, or just for a boost of hope that it will work out. Stay Safe and Ride On!

    • Erin says:

      Hey. I know how you feel. And beofre you tihnk I’m just symbathising you. I’m not. I know how you are feeling, I truly do. I went through the same thing… But with my biological dad. MY little brother was his favourite and he would always drop everything for my little brother. But for me, well. I got nothing.
      I coped by cutting too.. And I tried to commit suicide. I actually almost succeeded too. But looking back now… I realise that if I had of succeded, i would of caused my family a lot of grief.

      Even now, when I feel the erge to cut.. I use the methods that I learned to pver come it.. The ones that I feel help the most is; drawing, listening to music (or both at the same time), goin for walks, drawing with a red pen where I would usually cut (over scars) or felt like cutting. Also snapping an elastic band works too.

      I hope those methods work for you.. And those idiots at your school, are just as I said… Idiots. You are you, and be proud of that. Cause no one can be you. That is the role that has been specificatley given to us, and no one can play that role, but us.

      Please, try those methods I mentioned, they might just help.. I hoped I helped a little bit.
      [minor edit by moderator]

    • Hayley says:

      I know this feeling really sucks. I have self harmed on and off for the past 3 years and I occasionally feel suicidal. I refuse to speak to anyone except for 2 close friends. I understand that making friends is difficult and some react in a negative way when you admit your feelings. I know how you feel. One day out of the blue someone will come along and they will be there every step of the way. So much has happened to me in the past 3 years, I am only 15yrs old and I feel like my life has been really tough. There are so many people online who are there for you at anytime you need them. I know telling family is difficult, my family does not know and I am not planning on telling them anytime soon. If you have Facebook you are welcome to message me if you need help. I also have a friend Brandon who has helped me so many times over these years, who would be happy to help too. Good luck and remember there is always someone out there.

  8. Sarah says:

    Please help my daughter came home today very upset and stressed, her friend started to self harm herself, but told her if she tells me and I pass the info onto her mum she will never speak to my daughter again , which has really stressed my daughter .I’m in a difficult position I need to support my daughter but this girl really needs help :( :( ?

    • lynz says:

      Hi Sarah, first it is great that the friend has opened up to someone about their self harming, and how great you daughter has come to you for support and guidance. We suggest giving a service like headspace a ring, they will be able to offer some tips and also if they have a local centre which your daughter might be able to support her friend to visit. Find out more info on them here, they have a great youth friendly service http://www.headspace.org.au and a big thumbs up to you for helping get the right info.

  9. single of 8 says:

    hi I’m very glad your daughter came to you just recently my oldest daughter came home to live with me as she had spent most of her live living with her nan complicated story any way she had been doing self harm and when her nan found out yes she yelled and screamed at her instantly I went to pick her up as she is need of lots of love and support already ive contacted head space to start counciling and told my daughter we will go together I wont her to feel comfortable and safe knowing no one is here to judge her and she not a freak I feel for your daughters friend and maybe sugest to invite her for a sleep over and become a friend she obviously needs some support from a trusted friend and to scared to talk to her family bout this maybe she might open up to you or maybe you can start a conversation with her but in a way to make her feel comfortable my daughter has a couple of friends in her old school that was doing this and my heart goes out to them as I believe they just need someone they can turn to who will understand them not judge them good luck I hope u find the strengths to help your daughters friend and turn her away she obviously screaming out for help but scared of asking at the same time

  10. David says:

    i have been self harming myself for more than 4 years. the thought of doing it hurts more than actually doing it. i choose to do it at my weakest point. i feel like no one cares but when i do it, it seems they do care. i don’t only hurt myself, i hurt others around. it may seem like im doing it for attention but really im doing it as a cry for help. i know there is help out there but i also choose not to seek it. all i want to overcome this is someone to talk to me like a human man rather than a school kid. im 25 now and im not sure if i will continue living this way for too long. i may hurt myself again i may not.

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