Does something not seem quite right? Are you worried about the way you or someone close to you in behaving? This topic page includes a mental health checklist factsheet, amazing real life stories and videos to help you decide what you may need to do, for either yourself or a friend. Remember support and help is available. Take care

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Kimberley Carlson talks about mental health with Music Feedback

"It takes you to make that first step, to open up and allow them to help you… don't ever think you're on your own or you're alone. Somebody always cares."
Kimberley Carlson, a young artist from the Wheatbelt. chats to us about the signs of having a bad day, offers advice on how to deal with stress, and encourages everyone to talk about how they are feeling. Because music talks about mental health, and so can you.

  • Author: Music Feedback
  • Upload Date: 2016-01-05

This interview was shot as part of The Music Feedback Project. You can find out more about Music Feedback at:


Massive thanks to Kimberley for taking the time out to be involved in this years project. You can find out more about Kimberley through the CAN WA website: http://www.canwa.com.au/project/heali...

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Is it Ok to see a counsellor

Is it Ok to see a counsellor

A work by Xin

I had a pretty bad time in high school. Without going into details, I was bullied, I knew what it was like to be hurt and alone, I felt angry, sad, and eventually I felt nothing. I was not okay, and I knew I was not okay, but no one else seemed to care. None of my friends were willing to really open up to me. It was like I was drowning and I was surrounded by people in boats, but none of them were willing to risk reaching out to me.

Read the full story about is it Ok to see a counsellor on the blog

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As part of our blog series Xin takes a personal look into the question, is it Ok to see a counsellor.

  • Author: Xin
  • Upload Date: 2013-02-25

Written by Xin as part of our blog section.


Provided by itsallright.org

itsallright.org is a SANE Australia website for young people. By providing advice and information in fact sheets, podcasts and a busy helpline, SANE Australia helps thousands of people living with mental illness every year, as well as their family and friends.

Mental Health Checklist

mental health checklistYou are worried. Is it serious or is the moodiness, irritability and withdrawn behaviour a stage to grow out of? Are drugs involved? Is a medical assessment needed to help you decide if there is a serious problem?

This factsheet featuring a mental health checklist has been written to help you decide whether or not further help is needed and to inform you of what help is available. The chances are that there is not a serious problem, and time and reassurance are all that are needed. However, if there is a developing mental illness, then getting help early is very important. You can also download a copy of this mental health checklist factsheet.

If the illness is picked up early enough there is a good chance of controlling the symptoms with low doses of medication and without going into hospital. There is a better chance that the person will keep friends and maintain a good relationship with the family. Getting well again soon means less time lost at school or work and more time for normal relationships, experiences and activities which helps us stay emotionally healthy.

Checklist 1

Behaviour which is considered normal although difficult.

People may be:













These behaviours may also occur as a normal brief reaction to stressful events such as:

breakup of close

other family crisis

exam failure

moving house

death of a loved one

physical illness


other personal crisis

Checklist 2

Behaviours which are considered abnormal for that person. People may:

  • Withdraw completely from family, friends and workmates.
  • Be afraid to leave the house (particularly in daylight hours).
  • Sleep or eat poorly. Sleep by day and stay awake at night, often pacing around.
  • Be extremely preoccupied with a particular theme, for example, death, politics or religion.
  • Uncharacteristically neglect household or personal or parental responsibilities, or personal hygiene or appearance.
  • Deteriorate in performance at school or work, or leave jobs.
  • Have difficulty concentrating, following conversation or remembering things.
  • Talk about or write things which do not really make sense.
  • Panic, be extremely anxious or markedly depressed, or suicidal.
  • Lose variation in mood, be flat. Lack emotional expression, for example, humour, friendliness.
  • Have marked changes in mood, for example from quiet to excited or agitated.
  • Have inappropriate emotional responses, for example, giggling on hearing sad news.
  • Hear voices that no-one else can hear.
  • Believe, without reason, that others are plotting against, spying on, or following them and have extreme fear of, or anger at, those people.
  • Believe they are being harmed, or influenced to do things against their will – by television, radio, aliens or the devil, for example.
  • Believe they have special powers, for example – that they are important religious leaders, politicians or scientists when this is not the case.
  • Believe their thoughts are being interfered with or that they can influence the thoughts of others.
  • Spend extravagant and unrealistic sums of money.

What about Drugs?

mental health checklistFamilies and others who are concerned often wonder if odd behaviour may be due to alcohol or drugs. In some cases this may be true.

Some people who are developing psychiatric problems may use drugs and alcohol to make them feel better or to signal their need for help. Although they may feel better for a short time, these drugs will, in fact, make the symptoms worse and make treatment more difficult.

To confuse things still more, drugs can sometimes produce symptoms similar to those of psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia. For example, marijuana (cannabis) and alcohol can produce loss of body boundaries and strange feelings of being watched, persecuted or attacked. If the symptoms are due to drugs (a drug-induced psychosis) they will disappear in a few days when all the drugs have gone from the body.

Prolonged use of certain drugs, however, may produce long-lasting effects. If drug use is starting to interfere with day-to-day activities and is causing problems within the family, school or workplace then further help should be sought. GPs may make a medical assessment to determine if there is an underlying psychiatric problem requiring further attention, or if referral to an alcohol and drug agency for treatment is appropriate. If not, ask your doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist.

It can be very difficult for families to assess how much drugs contribute to puzzling behaviour. The issues are complicated and are best sorted out with careful professional help over time.

Encouraging a visit to the doctor

Sometimes this can be very difficult. Because of the criticism of their behaviour, some feel that others are against them, and are frightened or angry. Some, because of their confused thinking, have trouble getting their thoughts together well enough to explain their problems . . . or they may feel too anxious or afraid to do so . . . or they may not know they are ill.

  • Talk things over when you both feel calm and when you feel the person is likely to be cooperative. For example – I would like to talk about something with you – is this a good time or will we talk later?
  • Ask someone else to talk to the person if you do not feel sympathetic to or are not trusted by them. Focus on how the person must be feeling and try to stand in their shoes. It is best at first to focus on problems which the person will feel comfortable about discussing, for example –
  • I know you have been having trouble sleeping/concentrating lately, would you like to talk to Dr Jones?
  • You’ve been feeling very down in the dumps lately, shall we talk with Dr Chan and see if she can help?
  • Encourage everyone to think of the doctor as someone who can help in this situation and who will not judge behaviour.
  • Suggest that you or another trusted friend support the visit to the doctor.
  • Discuss the situation with the doctor, especially if there is some resistance from the person. Remember to write down your concerns as clearly as possible.

If there is outright resistance to the idea of visiting the doctor, consult with the doctor yourself to work out a plan over time. It may be possible and appropriate for the doctor to assess the person at home. If this is not possible, the doctor should still be able to provide help and support to the family and others who are concerned.

If the doctor does not seem to understand, look for another who does.

How to approach the doctor

Often the first step is the most difficult one. You may find it helpful to take this mental health checklist factsheet as a discussion-starter. If you are very worried, make an appointment to talk only about this problem, and if necessary book a longer appointment than usual. If you are not quite ready to see someone face to face - why not try and online service such as eheadspace where you can chat with someone either via the phone or via online chat.

It is helpful if you provide the relevant information in writing if possible. A doctor cannot work out what is wrong unless you give the full story. Explain exactly what the person has been doing and saying, where and when. Try not to use vague words which do not describe behaviour. For example, instead of saying or writing –

John gets very frustrated   John was so angry last night that he kicked his bedroom door down
Paul is very shy these days   for the past week Paul has only come out of his room to get food
Maria looks awful   Maria wears dirty clothes to school and doesn’t wash or comb her hair any more – she used to be so fussy about her appearance
Donna thinks we are against her   last night Donna would not talk to her friends or eat with us. She said we are all plotting against her

If you are concerned with your own mental health is can also be very useful to keep a diary of self talk, actions, alcohol and drug use, sleep patterns  etc and take this with you when visiting a GP or health worker.

Additionally school reports before and after the problem began, samples of school work, dates absent from school or work, comments made by teachers, employers or friends, for example, would be of value.

Remember, the first step is the most difficult one. If necessary, check with your doctor to see if the person you are worried about can be visited at home for an assessment.

How do I find out more?

SANE Australia also produces a range of easy-to-read publications and multimedia resources on mental illness. To order visit the SANE Bookshop at www.sane.org or call 1800 18 SANE (7263)

Here at Tune In Not Out you will also find a wide range of information about depression, stress and anxiety as well as blog posts about other young people managing their depression.

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46 Responses to “Mental Health Checklist”

  1. Mitch says:

    Thanks guys this really helped me for my skool project lo of love Mitch XOXOXOX

  2. Rob says:

    lately well the past month or so ive become irratible and withdrawn and lost a lot of confidence around my mates im finding it hard to be happy today for instance i just sat there could not move just did not have the confidence to just get up and talk and these guys are the easiest people to talk to. im finding it very hard to be happy and just in general feel depressed. help please

  3. lynz says:

    Hi Rob, Really sorry that you are having a tough time, but it is great you have reached out for help. There are many services which could assist. Check out our Finding Help section for a some suggestions http://www.tuneinnotout.com/topics/finding-help/.

    headspace.org.au is a great service, because if you are unsure about going to a service you could start off by getting some help either via their online chat or phone service first. Take great care TINO Crew

  4. Zoe says:

    i’ve been having these nightmares and they are not very nice and i can’t concerate in class
    could you help me to deal with them

  5. lynz says:

    Hi Zoe, sorry to hear about the nightmares. Seeking some help is a great step – check out our finding help page – here we have links to services which can provide one on one advice. We hope it all turns out ok. http://www.tuneinnotout.com/topics/finding-help/.

  6. Josh says:

    Hi, I’ve had depression once before in my life buts its been dormant for 13 years. In the last 4 weeks my mother has grown very sick, I havnt been able to find a job, had to leave home to go to uni and to top it off this week my girlfriend broke up with me. I’ve honestly never felt so hopeless in my life. I have absolutely no idea how to be happy anymore. Please help.

  7. lynz says:

    Hi Josh,

    Sorry to hear hear that things feel so difficult for you at the moment, and really sorry to hear about your Mum being sick, and the break up with your girlfriend. It is understanding these issues would be having an impact on you, but by reaching out for help and support you are taking a great step forward – so well done.

    Although we are not able to offer one on one counselling, we really recommend contacting a service that can, there are some great ones out there. Accessing support from a service such as headspace (did you know you can chat to them in person at one of their centres, via the phone or event chat – check out http://www.eheadspace.org.au ) can really make a difference. Please keep on your help seeking journey, because you will again feel better than you do right now, and you will find a way through this tricky time.

    Please take great care, we hope things are on the up real soon.

    TINo Crew

  8. Krissy says:

    Gradually over the last 6 weeks ive felt worthless, unloved, lonely. Over the last week im struggling with constant lack of energy, struggling to get out of bed after 10 hours sleep.
    Ive cancelled nights out with girlfriends because i have no confidence. Im short tempered with my partner who is away 4 weeks at a time with work.
    Im struggling to communicate how i feel with my partner because i feel he hasnt got the time of day for me and ends up in a fight. Am i going crazy? Why do i feel like this when im usually very out going, happy and easy to get along with???

  9. lynz says:

    Hi Krissy,

    The last 6 weeks don’t sound like they have been much fun for you, and like there are few different issues going on, we are really sorry to hear that.

    Unfortunately, we can’t offer one on one counselling, but we would love to provide a few suggestions for finding some help to get this sorted, and things back on track for you as soon as poss.

    You could try visiting your GP, they can be a great starting point for checking out what might be going on for you. There are also services such as headspace that can help out if you are feeling lonely, depressed etc, they can even be a great place to talk about what might be happening in your relationship. We reckon it must be hard going if your partner is away 4 weeks at a time. Another step could be to try and keep a few of your dates with the girlfriends, maybe even explain to them you are having a tough time, they might be able to offer some support to help you through.

    Oh, and so you know you can talk to headspace either in person at a centre, online via chat or even over the phone. Check them out http://www.eheadspace.org.au

    We hope things look up real soon, and some of these options above help.

    Take good care
    TINO Crew

  10. Troy says:

    Hey, I don’t know why I am posting this because its not really going to help me. I am only fifteen years old and I think I may have depression, I’m not sure. If I say this to any of my family they will brush it off and treat it as attention seeking. You see I am gay to start off with. My Dad does not accept me liking other boys. He always makes jokes about turning me into a “real man”. Another problem aswell is that when I was seven years old my mother passed away from cancer. To be honest I don’t remember much pain over this. I guess I was just too young, but now I can’t remember the simplest things about her and it really gets to me. There are days when for no reason at all I stop, sit down and cry. I keep crying until I have no more tears. I don’t even think about anything when I cry, it just comes naturally. My dad gets mad at me everytime and my little sister calls me a baby. My school grades are dropping dramatically. But its wierd because it is not dropping since my mum died, it only started dropping last year. I have started smoking, I know it is disgusting and I should stop, but I just do it anyways.

    I really don’t want to live with my Dad, he has not been violent towards me but in the past he has hit my older brother and sister. Im not scared for my safety or anything, I just don’t want to be here.

    Now I am realising how pointless this post is. How is this going to fix my problems? Exactly.

    • lynz says:

      Hey Troy,

      Sorry to hear hear that things are difficult for you at the moment, it can be hard when you don’t have the support of family and friends. But depression certainly is not attention seeking and we encourage to to find some support. Sorry to also hear about the passing of your Mum and troubles with your dad, it is understanding these issues would be having an impact on you.

      Although we are not able to offer one on one counselling, we really recommend contacting a service that can, there are some great ones out there. Accessing support from a service such as headspace (did you know you can chat to them in person at one of their centres, via the phone or event chat – check out http://www.eheadspace.org.au ) can really make a difference, they could chat with about how to manage the depression and also talk through some of the conflict you are having with your dad. Please keep on your help seeking journey, because you will again feel better than you do right now, and you will find a way through this tricky time.

      Please take great care, we hope things are on the up real soon.

      TINO Crew

  11. lynz says:

    Dear Chris, Wow it sounds like things are pretty tough for you and your family, it sounds like you are being super considerate of your families needs by thinking of them first in terms of the money, that shows a really caring person. Perhaps you might be able to ask for enough for a visit to a movie just once a month, a trip out with friends could help. We can’t provide advice on whether you are depressed, but we really encourage you to check out some of the services on our finding help page, or why not check in with eheadspace – you can chat with them online or via the phone. Getting this checked out now, will hopefully mean you feel much better sooner. You take great care. eheadspace – https://eheadspace.org.au/

  12. Lachie says:

    Over the past 4 weeks I’ve been feeling constantly down and sad. I was an A grade student playing sport a a high level as I 16 year old trying to make a future for myself in both school work and sport. I hit a point of time where i played in some trials and played at a good standard, 2 weeks later i found myself dropped and with nowhere to go. It hit hard on me as id been working for this for about 4 or 5 years and the majority of males in my family had made it past where i hadn’t.
    This then affected my schooling. I went from an A grade student being looked at to becoming future leader at a school with lots of history and class behind it, to becoming a average student in grades and my standards as a person dropping.
    Confusion then came in as my best friend began to drift away from me after we both liked the same girl at the same time. But it wasn’t the girl that split us apart, another guy came in and started to make a bad influence on him and to be honest “took him away”.
    I do know about depression and other mental health issues as my mother works as a successful Psychologist.
    My story is not like that of others in the fact that i am living a pretty damn good life compared to the others that have spoken out about their issues.

    • lynz says:

      Hey Lachie,thank you for sharing your story, it is great that you can see that you have lots of good stuff in your life, but this doesn’t always stop us feeling sad or hurt when other areas of our life start to get tough. We are really sorry that your sporting dreams have hit a hurdle, and your grades have been affected. Although your mum sounds like she would be very knowledgeable, perhaps you would also like someone independent to chat too? Have you considered either heading to your local headpace centre, or even contacting them via their eheadspace where they can chat to via phone of email. Support from them and your mum combined may help out. Unfortunately we can’t provide counseling via TINO, but we hope that this info might help you take the next step in seeking help. You take great care.

  13. Erin says:

    I was just wondering what causes depression I have just recent;y lost one of my best friends and have been feeling real down My mum thinks It just peer pressure but it feels like more I was also woundering If depression can lead to anything else
    I hope you can answer my questions :D

    • lynz says:

      Hi Erin,
      Wow it sounds like you are having a tough time, we are so sorry about your friend. How fantastic that you have gone looking for information to try and work out what is going on for you, depression can lead on to other things, but just on its own it can be very difficult and hard to deal with. We can’t provide one on advice, but we really encourage you to go and have a chat with a service or even your school counsellor who can help you work through what is going on – there are some fab ones out there . Is there a headspace service near you? You can even use their eheadspace service ( http://www.eheadspace.org.au/) where you can chat online or via chat. Take huge care and please look after you. Lynsey

  14. Erin says:

    Over the past few Months I have been feeling real down My friends are saying that I have changed and They don’t want to be my friend any more And Things at home have not been going very well either my pop has been real sick and I have been worried about him. Me and My mum are always fighting she reckons Im always being mean to my little sister she is 10 and is always getting me into trouble And I have tried to change but my friends think that I’m to bitchy I still have a few friends but I just lost my best friend I always cry myself to sleep and I don’t know what to do Please Help!!!!!

    • lynz says:

      Hey Erin, wow it really does sound like you have a lot happening for you, I have written some details in the comment below for some suggestions for where to head for some support. We are sure if you can find a service you feel comfortable, or a school counsellor you get on well with, that they will help you work through some of this stuff, other young people have told us this really helped them – check out some of the stories above about what others have found useful. All the best, take massive care. Lynz

  15. jilayne says:

    Hello I had an extreme case of depression last year just to let others know their is a hope at the end of this dark tunnel
    You will make it.
    We get down because it builds up inside of us and sometimes we dont know where to turn to you will make it.
    the doctor helped me and a councillor

  16. Stasia says:

    life just isn’t wat is use to be, i’ve finally have come up with the corrage to talk to someone but all the site i find are for under 25 and i’m 29. i don’tfeel comfortable talking to my family or doctor, wat other sites are there, please.

  17. Rachel says:

    I’ve never had depression or been diaognosed with it but recently I’ve been sort of bullied by some girl who was my ‘friend’ and saw a councillor. My brother is being rude and mean to me and it makes me feel anxious and I snap and get angry at the smallest things. Then I get sad and cry then I get angry and then I cry even more. Everything is nothing and it’s all so confusing. I tried to talk to mum and she said I should just suck it up but I’ve been doing this for the past few years. Everything goes away for a while and I’m happy but theny my world crashes or I get randomly upset for no reason. Please help me, any advice will be appreciated.

    • lynz says:

      Hi Rachel – Sorry to hear that things are not feeling so great at the moment, and a huge well done on going to see the councillor, we hope that put a stop to the bullying – that is just not OK. We can’t give one n one advice, we would recommend going back to your councillor and explaining these feelings you are having, although mum might mean well, unfortunately when we are having a tough time we can’t just suck it up or snap out of it – we often need help and support. Also visit our finding help page for some places to contact and videos and stories of what has helped others. Take care

  18. stevie says:

    Hey, I’m trying to seek information off the net as to why lately I’ve been having a list of abnormal behavior that you could possibly help me with. I’m 20 if that helps. Daily I’ve had prolonged headaches around the front of the head and especially around my left eyebrow, vision is more blurry then usual, I don’t have the effort to talk to certain people especially family, my moods have been very flat, I have no energy, sometimes I just lay staring into nothing and think depressive thoughts, I’ve been getting nausea through out the day, always feeling down, and sometimes getting unnecessary confusion.

    • lynz says:

      Hi Stevie, it sounds like you are having a number of things happening for you, we can’t offer one on one advice, but would recommend you visit you GP first off to check out these physical symptoms and also chat about the feelings of depression you have. Our tip is to write it all down so that you don’t miss anything out. Perhaps make a double appointment so you don’t feel rushed and could you take a long a trust friend or family member. Take care hope the GP provides some answers.

  19. lin says:

    i could really use your insight here. I’m 25 years old and i’ve been off and on anti-depressants for the last 15 years. i’ve tryed several different types none work.
    Lately i’ve been so irratable, crying for no reason, very little appitate, and very little sleep. I’ve tryed physotherpy as well, it works for a short time. i’m at my wits ends. i dont know if its just depression or if its something else. i’ve been told its major depressive disorder by some docs i’ve seen and others say its major manic depression. what ever my issue it is, its starting to tear my and my boyfriend apart. I do my best to eat right and exercise daily. please provide some insight here, i know i need help but i dont know which direction to go. my gp is just going to give me anti-depressants.

    • lynz says:

      Hey Lin,
      Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time, it is understandable that this is getting to you, but how wonderful that you are actively seeking ways to manage it, it also sounds like you are doing all the right things with exercise etc.
      Unfortunately we can’t provide one on one counselling here on TINO. Have you tried the youth service headspace, they have a great bunch of people on board to help you work your way through this stuff. They have centres across the country, but can also visit their eheadspace http://www.eheadspace.org.au service where you can chat online or via the phone – perhaps ask a friend who you trust or a relative to go along with you for support. Take great care.

  20. mikayla says:

    lately i have been very distant from poeple i only talk to the one friend and i get into these weird moods where i dont want to talk to any one or do anything i listen to music and it clears my head and i put on a smile and say im ok i hide my fellings from others im not sure if im depressed or not my father passed away when i was ten and i think my step dad is a pervert , my mother is very distent from me and if i try talk to her she tells me to go away i not sure if im depressed or just being a normal teen help ?

    • lynz says:

      Hi Mikayal, sorry to hear you are having a tough time, glad you have found music to be a source of help that is great that you know it helps. Sound like you are being very brave putting on your OK face on, but we really recommend contacting a service that might be able to help you unload some of the issues that are happening for you at the moment. We can’t provide one on one counselling but we really recommend giving headspace a try – they may have a centre near where you live, or they have an online and phone service – check them out at http://www.eheadspace.org.au – take huge care. Lynsey

  21. Angel says:

    Everything these days is so hard, dont know who to trust anymore

    • lynz says:

      Hi Angel, things don’t sound so good, life shouldn’t be too hard that is for sure, but knowing things aren’t right can be the first great step to getting things better. It can be tricky knowing who to talk too at times – why not try on of the phone or online services for someone neutral to have a chat with they might be able to help work out some paths to take. Check out our finding help page for some contacts. Take care and stay safe. Lynsey http://www.tuneinnotout.com/topics/finding-help/

  22. Boysenberry says:

    Hi, I’ve been battling with depression for most of my life. I’ve seen a couple of psychologists in my life.
    Lately, I find myself to be sad and depressed since May (when my mum left me for a month to travel) and no one really wanted to see me including my then boyfriend. To top that, so much stuff happened.
    My ex and I broke up after nearly two months into depression.
    Hours after that, I find myself sinking into drinking and sleeping around with a guy whose engaged (but he’s also my occasional bf too).
    I find myself more into partying and drinking more after that. Then I left my job and went to tafe to fully work on my studies, since it’s a course I really wanted.
    After getting my taxes done, I find myself to be on a shopping spree buying myself whatever I want.
    Then it was my birthday. I planned something nice for it but decided to cancel it since I don’t want to party for my birthday.
    It occurred to me that I don’t want to go outside anymore and I think that texting or calling my bestfriends to be of hindrance and stopped doing those calls.
    Then did drugs every now and then.
    I didn’t go outside unless it’s tafe.
    Now, I’ve been getting headaches, can’t sleep well, backaches, find myself not wanting to go outside unless I’m forced to go out (called by my mum). I lost interest in going to tafe and studying. And eating seems to be something of hindrance and I don’t feel as hungry as before. I don’t even want to do anything more.

    • lynz says:

      HI Boysenberry – so sorry you are have having such a tough time at the moment, but it is great that you have such awareness about what is going on for you at the moment. Sadly we can’t provide one on one advice on TINO – but we recommend talking to someone you can trust, and contacting a service who can help you further, that might by one of the psychologists you have seen before, or perhaps a service like headspace – they are a great service and can really help get things back on track for you. Please take great care and remember, if the first person you talk to, or service you contact doesn’t work – don’t give up – try again as there is the right help out there for you. http://www.tuneinnotout.com/topics/finding-help/

  23. Sammy-Jo says:

    Hi there, i have no idea what is wrong with. Iv’e been battling depression since i was 13years old.. 10 years later I’m still trying to battle it. Ive been in denial for the past 4 years and haven’t seeked any help since. I say im ok but really i have alot issues i keep to myself. It frustrates the hell out of me i start to go off the rails and start thinking about suicide. I just really dont wantto be here at all. Even as I’m writing this im getting more and more angrier with myself. I hate this person i just want the old me back!

    • lynz says:

      Hi Sammy – so sorry to hear that you are having a tough time, it is such a step to just write your comment and it is a step towards seeking help. It is important to remember the thoughts you are having are just thoughts and they do not need to be acted upon, if you feel you re in danger you should bring 000 or a service like LifeLine straight away. The you, you want to be is there, it is just having a hard moment now but things will get better. If sound like your age would still allow you to access a service like headspace http://www.headspace.org.au , they are a great young friendly service and have heaps of ways that you can chat with them, phone, online chat or in person, we really recommend giving them or a similar service a call. If you have time, read some of the stories in the section above, we have many young people share stories of feeling so low and wanting things to end, but how with help and support from services or a friend or family member things have turned around and they are now the them they wanted to be and enjoying life. Take great great care and stay safe.

  24. anon says:

    im lost, im lost in a dark hole. everyone sourrounding me hates me and i hate me, i dont know what i have done wrong… i hate life, i hate living, i need help

    • lynz says:

      Hi Anon – we are so sorry that you are having a really tough time, this is just a point and these are just thoughts which will improve, the important thing is to not act upon any of these thoughts and seek out help so that you have support to get through these tough times, you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Unfortunately we can’t offer one on one counselling here buy we highly recommend a service like http://www.headspace.org.au who have centres all over the country, as well as online and phone. Kids Helpine 1800 55 1800 and LifeLine 13 11 14 are also brilliant place to call for advice. But if you feel you are in immediate danger – please call 000. Take care, we think you are amazing for just reaching out and asking for help – that is a huge step. We also recommend reading some of the stories here on this page from other young people who have experienced similar feelings and how they have managed them. Take Care

  25. hannah says:

    My name is Hannah I am 14 I am feeling sad, upset, worthless, having self confidence issues I put on a happy face and wear long sleeves to hide my cuts. I have problems with sleeping I cant go to sleep most of the times but sometimes I sleep for a long time and still feel tired. I do hockey training, I use to love know I don’t like it anymore. I even sometimes cry for no reason

    • lynz says:

      Hi Hannah, we are really sorry to hear you are having such a tough time at the moment, with the trouble sleeping and now that your aren’t enjoying the things you used to it can be really tough. We aren’t able to provide any one on one counselling here on TINO but we really recommend contacting a service who can help as you shouldn’t have to go through this time alone, support will make it easier. headspace are a youth service who have a number of options for having a chat – they have centres across Australia, with friendly helpful staff, or you can call them up to chat or even chat via instant messaging, check them out here http://www.headspace.org.au – take huge care, check out some of the stories here on TINO from young people who have managed to get through these difficult spots – they have some great tips too. x

  26. unknown says:

    nevcer uderstimate life, its has a funny way of proving you wrong.

  27. fiston says:

    imagine you are psychiatrist for teenagers. And you are about to meet a client for the first time who suffer from depression, what sort of questions would you ask

  28. Gemma says:

    right on unknown ;) i agree

  29. Juliet says:

    i havent been diagnosed with anything but for the last few months ive been feeling really out of it. i cant pay attention any more and in class i usually now stare out the window and think about things totally out of the topic im supposed to be studdying. whenever im with people i used to be really loud and talkative but now i get anxious and i dont talk much anymore. it takes me a long time to get to sleep and i wake up in the night a lot. im also always moving and fidgeting. im too scared to tell anyone and im not sure what to do..?

    • TINO Crew says:

      Hi Juliet, it is so great that you have been able to recognise that something isn’t quite right for you at the moment and you are actively looking for support, such a huge first step to getting everything better again. Sadly we can’t give one-on-one counselling but we suggest you give headspace a call or visit one of their centers if there is one close to you. They will be able to chat with you about what you are feeling and the changes you are experiencing. Perhaps you could confide in a family member or friend who could come along with you? Check out http://www.headspace.org.au for more info. Take huge care. TINO Crew

  30. Adriana says:

    I feel so tired and just to do a little work at home like washing dishes or tiding the bathroom or just cooking for me is so hard. I feel worthless and sad I have a sad past and now in present my life is so hard. I try to fight depression for many years but sometimes is very difficult and I can not talk to any one at home. I do not want them to be worry about me. I love my kids I keep this secret for many years but I do not know how to make my life better and stop feeling so sad all the time. I do not want to talk to strangers about my problem. I am not really social person. I do not have friends. I am very isolated and that is ok for meere some kind of help for me in this world?

    • TINO Crew says:

      Hi Adriana, so sorry you are having such a tough time, it can be really hard when you don’t have anyone to share the problem with, but we strongly advise contacting a few different services (sometimes it can take a few tries until you find the right one) and discuss ways to help you get on top of the depression as things can get better, Sadly we can’t offer one-on-one counselling but we would like to suggest a few services – your local GP can be a good place, especially if you have built up a relationship with them over a period of time, they may not feel such a stranger. Also beyond blue are great and even have a forum where you can discuss you situation with other https://www.beyondblue.org.au/ we hope you can contact one of these and things start to feel much brighter for you.

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